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Bless me father is a comedy based around the ventures and/or life experience of a Catholic Irish priest father Charles Duddleswell the role of father Charles was played by Arthur Lowe father, Charles also had to contend with a roommate who was a Protestant minister who was played by Daniel Abineri. This series took place in the 1950s London suburb of the fictitious parish of St. Jude's the complete series contained 21 episodes, which ran from 1978 to 1981 the series itself was based on a collection of novels.

The series took a lighthearted comedic look at what was involved in and coming and going of the individuals who were part of father Charles's parish and how father Charles deals with the predicaments that his parishioners find themselves being involved in, all while simultaneously trying to operate a church and save his parishioners souls. All of which have highly comedic results each week. The show also dealt with, the differences between being Protestant and Catholic and a highly comedic, yet very subtle way, whether it was attending a dinner of the wealthy parishioner of the opposite faith or helping his parishioners through their marital problems. Father Charles takes everything in stride dealing with whatever life throws at him with a comedic unwavering faith for instance, assuming that God will provide good weather for the church fundraiser. The church coffers are always off constant concern for father Charles adding yet another layer to this already hilarious sitcom.

Even if the viewer has no idea of the differences between Catholic and Protestant beliefs, which form the basis of the humor for the program they are sure to instantly fall in love with father Charles and his witty adventures and curious circumstances. Especially after one realizes that the series is autobiographical, and although some of the events portrayed within the program have been enhanced for dramatic effect, as well as comedic relief. They are based around real life experiences the series allows the viewer to take a comedic look at the human condition on London in the 1950s and will allow them to see just exactly what it takes to keep things running in a London suburb as harmoniously as possible.

This is a lighthearted program that any fan of British comedy, and/or humor is sure to find amusing on one level or another.

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Bless Me Father: The Complete Collection
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Bless Me Father: The Complete Collection Full Episode Guide

  • Father Duddleswell and the local rabbi intervene when a Catholic girl and the rabbi's son announce their engagement.

  • The priests find it difficult to love their neighbor when he starts raising pigs.

  • The colorful priest who was Father Duddleswell's mentor arrives just in time to lend a hand.

  • Neil gets in over his head when he tries to offer parishioners marriage counseling.

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