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Some of the prominent figures in the political and economical world are discussed on this show. You will also see details about how the top business leaders have made it to the top of the ladder and where they stand now.

3 Seasons, 24 Episodes
October 7, 2010
Documentary & Biography, Reality
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  • You may know him as the owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks, but in reality, Mark Cuban is the biggest maverick. He co-founded, then became a billionaire by selling at the peak of the dot-com boom.

  • How did a working-class boy from the Bronx named Ralph Lifshitz grow up to become billionaire Ralph Lauren, a name that is now synonymous with elegance and sophistication? Learn about his rise and how he overcame challenges to become a fashion icon.

  • Reid Hoffman, the entrepreneur who created LinkedIn, is also the embodiment of it.

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