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Bloop & Loop are two happy friends who encourage toddlers to use their imaginations, recognize shapes and learn new words.

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Baby First
1 Season, 4 Episodes
Bloop & Loop
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Bloop & Loop Full Episode Guide

  • Today, Bloop and Loop keep guessing what object or animal is inside each bubble. Try to spot the star, boat, football and other shapes.

  • Watch with your little one as Bloop and Loop create amazing things out of ordinary bubbles: an airplane, a butterfly, a rubber duck and so much more.

  • Help your child guess what objects and animals Bloop and Loop are creating! Items include a frog, a strawberry, a drum and other bubble shapes.

  • Bloop and Loop are creating all kinds of fun things out of bubbles. Watch with your child as they make a tree, bell, helicopter and more.

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