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Series Length:1 Season, 4 Episodes
Network: Nick Jr.

Get ready for some "way-great play dates" with Blue. It's all up to Blue and you... in Blue's Room!

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Rating: 8/10
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4 Amazon Episodes
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  • Sprinkles is preparing to go on a pretend voyage when he discovers the most amazing suitcase anyone has ever seen! The only way to open the suitcase, however, is to track down three keys-hidden in all different parts of the world. Sprinkles enlists the help of her big sister Blue and together the "world travelers" journey in a hot air balloon to the far corners of the globe.

  • Blue, Sprinkles, and Joe are playing detectives. shape detectives! Their big case comes when Roary creates a prized work of art entirely out of shapes. The mischievous shapes from Roary's painting pop off the canvas and scurry away to various hiding places around the playroom.

  • Blue, Sprinkles, and Joe journey to visit the greatest farmer of all time. Old McDonald (Joe)! As it turns out, Old McDonald has to run a few errands and needs Blue, Sprinkles and Joe to take care of the animals while he's away. Using a checklist to keep track of their chores, Blue, Sprinkles, and Joe collect eggs from the chicken coop, feed the pig and the horse, and successfully milk a cow!

  • It's bedtime in Blue's Room, but Sprinkles is having a hard time falling asleep! Blue takes her little brother Sprinkles on a search to find a "sleepy game" that will help him feel sleepy. But these games only succeed in putting everyone else to sleep-not Sprinkles!

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