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Shown on the REELZ cable network Bomb Girls' is about the life of the Canadian women who work for Victory munitions during World War II. The show examines the lives of the various women who work the bomb assembly line and how each one's life is affected by their job and by the events of WWII. The plot looks at the effects of being a woman working in a, predominantly, man's field and the prejudices they face from the men who also work at the factory.

The beginning of the series introduces us to the principle characters: Lorna, Gladys, Kate, Betty and Edith. Lorna, the shift matron, is a wife and mother of three children: two grown boys serving in the war and a daughter who if working as a volunteer nurse at the infirmary. Lorna also supports her family due to her husband's injuries which left him partially paralyzed.

Gladys is the daughter of wealthy parents, who wants to volunteer in a meaningful way to the war effort and make her own voice count and hopes to find what makes her feel a vital and important part of the world around her. Despite her agreement with her parents to only work in the office she finds her way to the munitions floor to make, what she considers, a significant contribution to the effort. Despite initial prejudices Gladys finds herself being accepted by her co-workers.

Kate, who ran from her religiously abusive father to find her way in the munitions factory, and Betty, the outwardly tough but lonely girl who befriends Kate, also bring their own dramatic twists to the plot. Edith, who is forced to deal with the issues of losing her husband during the war and raising two young children alone, helps to round out the human element of the story of what these women endure to do their patriotic duty for the war effort, while dealing with open prejudice.

Wednesday 8:00 PM et/pt on ReelzChannel
3 Seasons, 19 Episodes - Canceled
January 4, 2012
Drama, History
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Bomb Girls Full Episode Guide

  • The series concludes with this feature-length coda that follows the women at Victory Munitions as they contend with a saboteur in the factory.

  • In the series finale, Kate's happiness is tarnished by the investigation into her father's death; at the same time, Gladys receives an unexpected offer from Clifford. Elsewhere, Lorna is faced with some serious decisions; and Betty makes a grand romantic gesture.

  • Gladys feels conflicted between her patriotic duty and her girlfriends; Lorna struggles to adjust to changes in her family's dynamic; and Marco doesn't know where to turn after learning he has put his faith in the wrong people

  • Lorna takes dance lessons and becomes infatuated with her instructor; Kate and Ivan explore the terms of their engagement; Vera makes an assumption; and Marco's mother is wrongfully accused of stealing from Witham Foods.

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