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‘Borgia' centers on the events leading up to and during the reign of Pope Alexander the 6th, otherwise known as Rodrigo Borgia. While the show does concentrate on the Historical events it does so by showing the drama, intrigue and scandal that surrounded these events. Not only do we follow the story of the events but of the principal players involved as well.

The main focus of ‘Borgia' is Pope Alexander; Rodrigo Borgia. ‘Borgia' starts after the death of the old Pope and delves into the events leading to Rodrigo's ascendancy to the Papal throne. As the show progresses we soon learn that Rodrigo may not have only been a believer of nepotism, but very well may have invented it.

‘Borgia' also focuses on the lives of Rodrigo's children; Juan, Cesare, Lucretzia and Goffredo and the various plots and scandals that surround them as well. Included in the storyline is Rodrigo's lover; Guillia Fornese, who proves to be as deceptive and sneaky as the rest of the Borgia clan. Each member is wrapped in their own intrigues that they hope to avoid having made public knowledge although they are hoping in vain.

Each of the Borgia children play a specific role in Rodrigo's plans; Juan is the self-proclaimed military genius who commands the Papal armies as well as marrying the Spanish princess as his father's command. Cesare is his father's religious sacrifice, serving the church as a Cardinal at his father's command, despite his own military prowess. Lucretzia is the only female and used as a tool, being married off to whoever can provide her father with the best alliance possible and Goffredo, the youngest male who is married in order to help his father form a strategic alliance.

Aside from the Borgia children Rodrigo also makes use of his lover, Giullia's cunning intelligence, as well as the daughter they have together, in the hopes of forming invulnerable alliances across the European continent. Each episode is filled with more intrigue and drama then the episode before it.

3 Seasons, 38 Episodes - Currently Airing
September 1, 2011
Crime, Drama, History, Mystery
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Borgia Full Episode Guide

  • In the season's final episode, Cesare's ultimate judgment is realized while Lucrezia struggles to make sense of her family's history and its future.

  • Cesare is brought to La Mancha and goes on trial before the Inquisition, while Lucrezia must use extreme measures to save her marriage.

  • Cesare stands trial for treason against the Holy See and the Ten Commandments, with his old friend Niccolo Machiavelli as prosecutor.

  • With a new pope crowned and order breaking down, Cesare finds himself with more and stronger enemies than ever.

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