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A security company uses thieves, geniuses and hackers to test their security systems in this fox comedy series.

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Tuesday 9:30 PM et/pt on FOX
2 Seasons, 20 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
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  • When his priceless Chewbacca costume from Star Wars is stolen, Molly's (Erin Richards) uncle Peter Mayhew turns to Contra to get it back. And though Oz (Christian Slater) plans to use the hefty reward to buy his company back from OCP, he still finds himself relying on Veronica (Megan Mullally) for help.

  • As Oz (Christian Slater) squares off in a fight to the finish with his longtime nemesis Henry Shaw (guest star Samm Levine), Cameron's (Bret Harrison) marriage to Molly (Erin Richards) is threatened by the unexpected return of his ex-girlfriend and Contra's lock-picking expert, Melanie (Odette Annable).

  • After she's banned from Contra's boys' night out, Veronica (Megan Mullally) rallies the women for their own night on the town. But as Cameron (Bret Harrison) worries about being the subject of the girls' gossip, the disappearance of a prized trophy forces Contra's men and women to join forces to find it.

  • Veronica (Megan Mullally) believes her career is in jeopardy when longtime corporate rival Heather O'Brien (guest star Perrey Reeves) decides to give Contra a makeover. Hoping to woo Heather's lovely assistant, Cameron (Bret Harrison) tries to make his phony green card marriage to Molly (Erin Richards) appear legitimate.

Breaking In News

'Breaking In' is Back! Fox Cancels Cancellation on Christian Slater's Show

Fox must really like the new comedy project from Adam F. Goldberg. They like it so much, in fact, that they're willing to bring a show back from the dead in order to get it. The comedy show from Goldberg was being shopped around to a number of networks, and Fox wanted in. But there was a problem: Fox had just cancelled Goldberg's other show, the hacker/spy comedy "Breaking In." It's kind of difficult to woo someone whose show you axed, so Fox had to do a little extra romancing.

Beware the #FOXapolipse: FOX Cancels 'Breaking In,' 'Lie To Me' and Three Others

Is the world coming to an end? Nope, it's just that time of year again, the time when actors, producers and TV crews across the country cringe and wait for the official word. To renew, or not to renew, that is the question. Yesterday FOX announced that the broadcasting company would cancel five current series. Which shows are getting the axe? Christian Slater's brand new series "Breaking In" will not see another season, nor will "Lie To Me," "Human Target," "The Chicago Code" or "Traffic Light.

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