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Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp is a documentary television series that follows Bristol Palin, a young single mother, as she deals with the triumphs and challenges involved with being a teenager mom. Bristol firs became famous when her mother Sarah, the Governor of Alaska, ran for Vice-President of the United States. Bristol was pregnant at the time and she subsequently gave birth to her son, Tripp.

Bristol has to deal with the struggles of single motherhood while also experiencing being a part of a famous family and all the media attention that comes with that. Levi, the father of Bristol's child, has broken up with her and the young parents often argue over child custody issues.

Still, Bristol manages to find some time to be a normal young woman. The series shows her spending time with friends, shopping for clothes, and relaxing at Starbucks. Bristol spends time in Los Angeles, where she tries to find success as an actress and dancer. When she finds the pressure too much to deal with, she heads back to Alaska. Throughout her adventures, Bristol is always accompanied by her younger sister Willow.

Levi doesn't spend a lot of time with Tripp so it is up to Bristol to handle much of the discipline and parenting issues that arise. In one episode, young Tripp manages to learn how to say a curse word and Bristol has to deal with that. Life is not all difficult for Bristol. She soon meets Gino, a handsome young man and the two begin to date.

Unfortunately, their relationship suffers from many ups and downs as the couple fight. In one episode, they are on a road trip to the Grand Canyon when a fight breaks out and Bristol throws Gino from the car. Bristol and Gino then attempt to fix their relationship while Willow thinks they have no chance. She even puts bets on their love affair lasting. Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp is an often humorous look at a young woman trying to make it as a single mother.

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Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp Full Episode Guide

  • Bristol and Gino work to repair their relationship, but first, he must clear things up with Willow.

  • A single mom and her daughter move in with Bristol; a visit to a maternity house sheds light for the girls.

  • Bristol visits the Grand Canyon; Gino gets kicked to the curb as he and Bristol head back to Alaska.

  • Bristol, Gino and Tripp visit Willow in Arizona. Later, Bristol and Gino go to a taxidermist in an effort to make her apartment more like home.

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