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Burning Love is a comedic farce that mocks modern day dating shows, and unnatural dating game shows that have become popular nationwide. It is a web series that comes from executive producer Ben Stiller. The show uses actors and a loose script to satirically recreate characters and events scene on dating shows.

The first season revolved around Mark Orlando, played by Ken Marino, a fireman that lived in a house with over a dozen women, all playing different stereotypes of women on dating shows, as they vied for his love and attention. Among the actresses participating were Kristen Bell, Malin Akerman, Carla Gallo, Noureen DeWoulf, Deanna Russo, and Jennifer Aniston. The so called contestant goes on dates and participates in activities that spoof the traditional dating shows, and if Mark wishes for them to stay at the end of each round he will offer them a "hose", a double entendre and reference to his career as a firefighter.

Mark eliminated the girls one by one, with the help of host Bill Tundle, played by Michael Ian Black. Throughout the season, a slew of other characters stop by to offer Mark their help and input, including Stiller, who plays a former contestant of the show that previously found love on the show with real life wife Christine Taylor. The season ended with a great dramatic buildup, and Mark choosing one of the women as the winner.

Burning Love was such a success that the show has returned for a second season that's currently airing, only with the gender roles reversed. This time, there is a woman at the center of everything, and a group of men vying for her love and attention. June Diana Raphael plays Julie, a contestant on the first season of Burning Love that came close but didn't win, but has returned as the bachelorette. Black is back as the host, and the cast of eligible bachelors includes Paul Scheer, Adam Brody, Adam Scott, Rob Huebel, Jerry O'Connell, Michael Cera, Martin Starr, Nick Kroll, and Colin Hanks. All these comedians give Burning Love a truly star-studded cast.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on E!
3 Seasons, 25 Episodes - Currently Airing
February 25, 2013
Comedy, Romance
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Burning Love Full Episode Guide

  • The big finale. The remaining three couples dance their way to the finish line. The winner of the $900 is finally revealed.

  • A poetic challenges causes some hearts to soar and some to break. Personal tragedy causes the game to twist again.

  • Jealousy causes one contestant to go too far. Mark makes a tough decision. The contestants compete in a Pop Culture Contest.

  • The contestants must compete in a medically themed challenge. Simon and Virginia confront their relationship status. A twist on the traditional Wet T-Shirt contest has the house buzzing. Lexie is pushed to her breaking point.

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