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The outstanding Candice Tells All TV Show, is such a great alternative to watch for someone who loves interior designing, those who might be interested in giving a new twist to their own home (for getting amazing ideas) or someone who; just likes to sit and relax while watching how incredible home transformations are done.

This fantastic program, is hosted by the skillful and experienced Canadian Interior Designer, Candice Olson. As a top professional on the subject matter of interior decorating, she posses a well understanding about the designing principles such as dimensions, proportions, colors, shapes, materials, textures and styles; among others. And she will indeed share her knowledge, by giving some tips, while explaining the fantastic changes to the rooms that in most cases are considered stylish, elegant and done with very good taste.

In Candice Tells All, she attends the homes and listens to the specific request from real life people who have ran out of ideas, or simply, do not know how to solve their designing dilemmas in a particular area. No matter if it is the kitchen, living room dining room, bedroom, bathroom, TV room, home office, basement or a sports room; Candice will look for how to create a harmonious and balanced space that gives comfort and functionality to the users or occupants of that particular home.

The home occupants, give Candice a general idea of what they are looking for and she explains the overview of what she is envisioning. For transforming the rooms, into beautiful spaces with different styles (retro, contemporary, classic, rustic, edgy, and etc.), she is helped by a team of specialists in different areas (carpentry, masonry, painting, plumbing, electricity, and etc.) that will capture her ideas to develop them masterfully. In the designing process, she will face different challenges (structural and construction) that she will overcome successfully.

The TV show was launched in the beginning, for the US and Canadian audience by HGTV and W Channel, respectively; and it has been a big hit, gaining followers in many more countries. Absolutely, you cannot miss this exceptional show Candice Tells All. For sure, you will want to watch useful tips, on how to achieve marvelous changes in a room; by knowing how to apply the right painting, carpets, fabrics, accessories and furniture; among others. It is time to transform the way you perceive indoor space, by now looking at it through the eyes of Candice Olson in Candice Tells All.

Saturday 7:30 PM et/pt on HGTV
3 Seasons, 41 Episodes - Currently Airing
January 1, 2011
Candice Tells All
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Candice Tells All Full Episode Guide

  • When a couple moves to a substantially larger dream home, they realize they lack a defined style. With a lot of ground to cover, Candice helps them stretch their design budget, and creates a living room that's flexible enough to work for large family events, but which still feels warm and intimate for two.

  • Candice helps a couple so afraid of pattern and color that their beautiful new house is boringly monochromatic.

  • Candice is challenged when a couple wants their master bedroom in their attic.

  • With most of their kids away to college, it's time for one couple to reclaim their basement and establish a versatile family room and 'sports lounge' that is wheelchair accessible.

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