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Caught on camera captures different incidents and tragic occurrences involving human beings in various settings. Most of the videos shown are recorded without the knowledge of the participants so they can be likened to surveillance or hidden cameras mounted and recording where these participants are not aware and they get caught in all kinds of acts.

Besides showing horrific incidents, videos of all sorts of crimes, assaults and stupid daredevil acts are shown.

This kind of show runs on a number of networks with different hosts in charge. There is one that is shown weekly on MSNBC with Contessa Brewer as the host, while a similar show runs on TruTV with professional comedians as hosts commenting on all the videos. The show runs like a documentary exposing the different kinds of atrocities people commit and the unexpected freak accidents that can sometimes happen to people.

3 Seasons, 57 Episodes
June 28, 2008
Documentary & Biography
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  • Terrifying road hazards; rowdy wannabe heroes; runaway animals; slippery slopes.

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