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Series Length:1 Season, 48 Episodes
Network: MSNBC

Featuring stories of police officers on the job, criminals, daredevils and teens gone wild. All told by people who saw it, filmed it and lived it.

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Caught on Camera

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  • A U.S. college basketball team visits China for an 11-day exhibition tour, and a game that was supposed to be friendly turns into a violent, chaotic scene. Watch what happens when people behave wildly and act inappropriately.

  • Caught on Camera: sitting protestors doused with pepper spray; a slithering snake on a windshield...and two "old-timers" battling it out "for old time's sake"! These are videos that make you do a double-take! Stories so shocking, so original, so unique, they'll have you saying, "Did That Just Happen?!?"

  • Criminals are caught on surveillance cameras, bursting into restaurants, armed with guns and knives, jumping over convenience store counters, and terrifying unsuspecting customers and clerks. But in some cases, when the target is armed, the tables are turned!

  • A cruise ships run aground...and vacationers fight for their lives. Then, a barge mows down a boat full of sightseers, a tourist is blasted by a rogue wave, and a day trip turns disastrous...These are the stories of unsuspecting victims, who all keep their heads above water!

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