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CBS Sunday Morning is an American TV show that contains a combination of hard news and feature stories. The hard news is usually a brief recounting of the significant recent national and international events. The features cover an extremely wide range of topics.

The two-hour episodes open with a single trumpeter playing the opening theme, called Abblasen, as an artist's interpretation of the sun is shone. This tune was originally played by Doc Severinsen. Currently, it is played by Wynton Marsalis. Then the show's host, after a brief rundown of the news, introduces the features that will compromise the rest of the program.

The features are sometimes part of a theme the show has chosen. The themes are usually topics most people can relate to, such as, food, changes in the American family structure and vacations. A large number of features showcase the arts. These features cover topics about TV shows, movies, theater, opera, ballet, paintings and sculpture. They also introduce their audience to the offbeat, for instance, people who have an unusual collection and turned that into a roadside museum.

There are stories of ordinary people taking on tasks that would seem too large for them to achieve. One story was about a woman who spent years saving the money to give her community a public swimming pool. There have been a number of stories about people who started putting care packages together for troops serving overseas or people suffering deprivation from a recent disaster or an ongoing crisis. Frequently, these stories go on to show how their acts have inspired the people around them to join the effort.

In addition to these stories, there are television and movie reviews by David Edelstein, rock music critiques by Bill Flanagan and classical music is covered by Eugenia Zukerman. Nancy Giles does frequent commentaries about current events. Ben Stein, also a commentator. The show was originally hosted by Charles Kuralt and is currently hosted by Charles Osgood.

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January 28, 1979
CBS Sunday Morning
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