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NBC's Celebrity Apprentice presents a variety of celebrities from movies, TV, sports and even politics to compete for charity dollars and to be hired by business magnate Donald Trump. The series premiered in 2008 as a revised version of The Apprentice, which Trump also hosted. Instead of trying to win a job with the Trump Organization, the 14 to 18 celebrities want to raise the most money for a charity of their choice.

The show places the stars into two competing teams, which complete tasks such as selling ice cream on the New York City streets or creating an ad campaign for a product or organization. The teams have the feedback of Trump's advisors during the task, such as his children Ivanka and Donald Jr., or previous Apprentice contestants. The celebrities can earn money for their charities by winning weekly tasks as the leader, or project manager. The losing team has the unpleasant of task of selecting the underperformers on their team and then choosing two or three contestants to face Trump and his two advisors in the boardroom. Each episode ends with Trump saying, You're fired to the celebrity exiting the competition. The celebrity ranks shrink each week until two final contestants battle it out for the final task, with the help of some of their former teammates. Past winners of the show that include journalist Piers Morgan, comedian Joan Rivers, rock star Bret Michaels, country singer John Rich and talk show host Arsenio Hall.

The show has remained a highly rated program throughout its run. The audience gets a behind-the-scenes look at stars outside of their public personas with lots of bickering, flubs and strange behavior. Each season provides a new slate of familiar, if not quite as famous, public figures out of their element. Some of the wide variety of celebrities on past shows include one-time teen idol David Cassidy, comedian Andrew Dice Clay, impeached Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, NBA's Dennis Rodman, Kiss' Gene Simmons, Olympic gold medalist Nadia Comaneci, reality TV star Sharon Osbourne, and pop singer Cindy Lauper. The long hours and large egos often lead to feuds and fights among the cast, which provides the most entertaining moments on the show.

The show continues to earn high ratings and remain on the pop culture radar. NBC has already renewed the series for a sixth installment, which will premiere in January 2013.

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13 Seasons, 179 Episodes - Returning Series
January 8, 2004
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Celebrity Apprentice
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Celebrity Apprentice Full Episode Guide

  • Geraldo and Leeza focus on the final details of a star-studded red carpet event, where they will present the commercial they created for Universal Orlando Resort. In a live Boardroom showdown, Donald Trump chooses the seventh "Celebrity Apprentice."

  • Who will be chosen as the two finalists?

  • From Omarosa to #PhoneGate, take a look back at the craziest moments in Apprentice history.

  • From Omarosa to #PhoneGate, take a look back at the craziest moments in Apprentice history.

  • Each team has to create a "photo bomb" and hashtag campaign for King's Hawaiian. Meanwhile, Vivica and Kenya's feud erupts.

  • The teams must plan and host an original boat tour of New York, with the guests selecting the winner.

  • The teams are challenged with creating mobile shops for Ivanka Trump Shoes.

  • Ian and Geraldo's rivalry boils over during a fundraising challenge, while the Housewives get catty.

  • The celebrities are assigned to write, produce and direct a commercial. Later, they preside over a presentation and a tasting menu featuring frozen-food products.

  • In the season 14 premiere, the celebrities are divided into male and female teams and then compete in a pie-baking fundraiser.

  • During the live-finale, the finalists tend to the last details of their charity event, enlisting the help of special guests and returning All-Stars. In the end, Donald Trump will announce the first All-Star Apprentice.

  • Two contestants are fired before the finalists take on their biggest challenge yet - create a new flavor of Walgreens Delish brand premium ice cream, produce a promotional video, and raise money for a launch event featuring the new flavors.

  • The remaining All-Stars must design a Foxwoods Resort themed suite and host a party at the brand-new Barclays Center.

  • The six remaining All-Stars are challenged to write, produce and direct a demonstrational video to highlight LG's Smart Home and Home Entertainment systems.

  • Bret Michaels makes a shocking return as a Boardroom advisor to judge his former competition.

  • The teams are tasked with marketing the ever-popular Australian Gold products, this time by creating a silent film.

  • The teams must create a product display and advertorial campaign to highlight the new "Melania" skin care line.

  • The teams create original, three-dimensional artwork and then hold a fundraiser.

  • The teams must use their marketing skills to promote Farouk Systems products using a glass truck.

  • The teams are challenged with performing a Soap Opera scene for Crystal Light. Plus, the biggest outburst this season.

  • For the first time ever, the teams make their way to Universal Orlando on Donald Trump's personal airplane for their task.

  • In the season premiere, 14 of the most outrageous celebrities return to compete to raise money for their charity.

Celebrity Apprentice News

Donald Trump Campaign Paid Actors $50 to Cheer At Presidential Announcement

Background extras in New York got a different kind of work this week.

Donald Trump: Love Doctor?

Apparently with nothing better to do with his time, Donald Trump takes to his Twitter to denounce celebrity couples like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice' Bringing Back Busey and Other Weirdos

Who will appear in the upcoming "All-Star" season of "Celebrity Apprentice?" Pretty much everyone who made a splash on the show before, like Gary Busey or Lil' Jon. Check out the full cast here.

Donald Trump Sends Kind Words to Rosie O'Donnell Following Nearly Fatal Heart Attack

Looks like The Donald set aside his differences with Rosie O'Donnell for long enough to wish her a speedy recovery after a pretty serious heart attack. I guess they don't hate each other that badly after all...

Wesley Snipes: Talent Agency Is The Pimp, Client Is The Ho

Many jokes have been through the years about the wisdom (er, lack thereof) in taking hypothetical financial advice from Willie Nelson. After hearing his remarks in a 2008 deposition from a civil case with talent agency UTA, the punchline should be amended to include "Besides, Wesley Snipes is WAY smarter."

Aubrey O'Day Can't Respect Arsenio Hall After Calling Her 'Slut' On 'Celebrity Apprentice'

Really, Arsenio? Rush Limbaugh taught you nothing, eh? Well, you know what they say about those who don't learn from history. Aubrey O'Day has shot back at her "Celebrity Apprentice" cast mate who called her a "slut" as cameras rolled. Not only does O'Day find the remark degrading, but she'd also remind Hall that it's not exactly accurate.

2012 'Celebrity Apprentice' Cast Revealed, Head-Scratching Ensues

It may be that nothing will ever top the genius of Gary Busey on last season of "Celebrity Apprentice," but the show must go on. The cast for season 12 has been announced, and it features a couple of names that are confusing considering Trump's recent bid for the presidential nomination (or threats of it, at least).

Donald Trump: 'Don't Call Me a Millionaire!'

Most people would be happy to be referred to as a millionaire, especially if their net worth is somewhere around $200 million. But Donald Trump was so offended when author Timothy O'Brien evaluated his net worth at around $150 million to $250 million that he sued O'Brien for libel.

John Rich Wins 'Celebrity Apprentice,' Apparently Nobody Cares

Donald "Orangeface" Trump announced the winner of "Celebrity Apprentice" Sunday night during a two-hour live finale. John Rich was crowned king of all things fundraising and crazy business plans, the confetti flew, and the audience applauded. But audiences at home seemed unimpressed. Sunday's finale was the lowest-rated spring finale for the "Apprentice" franchise, dropping 15% from last year's finale.

Episode 'Celebrity Apprentice' Season 11, Episode 11 - '7-Up Finale Part 2: Sweet Victory' Recap

Trump comes out and delivers us facts about this season, like that it had "the most entertaining competitors ever." Seems to me that's a subjective thing, but who am I to argue with a man that has his own red carpet unrollers? This begins the live telecast, a ridiculous affair in which Trump walks onto a sound stage made up like the boardroom to a standing ovation from a strange mix of celebrities, entrepreneurs, and I think I saw a beauty contestant too.

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