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Chappelle's Show was a sketch comedy show on the Comedy Central network created by and starring stand up comedian Dave Chappelle. In many ways the show was groundbreaking in the way that it addressed social issues in a satirical and comedic way, especially when it came to race, specifically the African American community.

Chappelle, one of the great black comedians of his time, was masterful in the way that he approached sketches related to race, doing so in a way that worked to debunk racial stereotypes and mocked those who perpetuated those stereotypes. No other comedic television show pushed boundaries quite like Chappelle's Show did, as it was not afraid to offend people as long as it got its point across, all while being laugh out loud funny.

The show revolved around Chappelle, who would stand in front of a live audience and briefly perform stand up material while introducing the sketches, most of which he starred in himself portraying a variety of characters, many of whom represented a stereotype he intended to poke fun at. In addition to Chappelle, the show featured a wide array of guest stars, both comedians and musicians, who were all happy to contribute to Chappelle's Show and play a role in the cultural phenomenon that the show became. The show created a seemingly endless amount of catch phrases, characters, and moments that are still remembered and referenced by viewers of the show to this day.

Unfortunately, during taping of the show's third season, Chappelle became burned out during production, as some say he had a nervous breakdown. Chappelle had become increasingly disenchanted with the show and was no longer sure if his audience, especially the large caucasian sect of his audience, were laughing with him or at him. He was no longer certain that his brilliant social commentary was resonating with the audience and that perhaps it was getting lost amongst all the trendy catchphrases. In essence, Chappelle's Show grew too big too fast and Chappelle himself was eventually crushed under the weight of the show's success. The fact that the show lasted for merely two seasons and a small part of a third is a shame, but the material that Chappelle produced in that time remains as relevant as it is hilarious, and it should never be forgotten.

Comedy Central
3 Seasons, 35 Episodes - Canceled
January 22, 2003
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  • The Monsters: Frankenstein (Charlie Murphy), the wolf man (Dave), and the mummy (Donell Rawlings) each have problems. They think everything happens to him because they're black, but in reality its because they're assh*les.Minority Report: Instead of using the word "minority" news anchors and celebrities say the word "nigger."Do What We Say: Dave meets the all mighty show business who gives Dave three ideas for his show-mechanizing, making a Lil Jon movie, and going on MTV Cribs.

  • Black Howard Dean: Dave plays former Democratic Party candidate Howard Dean, famous for his catchphrase "Byah!"Watching TV while having sex: Dave is having sex while the TV is in the bedroom and he feels like his favorite characters are watching him do it.The Real Side of Gary Coleman: Dave makes fun of Gary Coleman.Stereotype Pixies/Audience Feedback: A bunch of pixies encourage people to accept their stereotypes. After the controversial sketch, Donell and Charlie get the audience's reactions.

  • Dave has $50 million: Everyone knows Dave has 55 million dollars. Now barbers, car washers, and even the IRS wants some of his money.Hip-hop News: Chuck Taylor brings breaking news that Wu-Tang's Method Man attacked Tron.Dave Gets Revenge: Dave gets revenge on an ex-girlfriend, a cast director, and the owner of a comedy club that kicked Dave out.Tupac is Still Alive: In a club Dave hears a "new" 2Pac song made in 94, but makes references to George W., Grand Theft Auto: San Adreas, and Chappelle himself.

  • Celebrating Shart Week.

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