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Charm School is a reality television series that brings together women from various other reality television programs. The goal of Charm School is for the series to act as a finishing school for rude, reality contestants for other television shows. The series is hosted by a celebrity, including Monique and Sharon Osborne.

The winner of Charm School receives $50,000. They also get the title Charm School Queen. A panel of judges evaluate the women each week to see how far they are progressing in their etiquette classes. The woman that has done the worst each week is eliminated from the competition. The judges include Keith Lewis, who is president of a talent agency, and Mikki Taylor, who runs a beauty magazine.

Each episode focuses on dividing the women into teams and making them focus on learning one particular skill. One episode focuses on the girls' having a formal debate with another, learning how to fight like ladies. This is important because the women have been done to get into formal fistfights. Another competition focuses on the girls learning how to handle themselves with class and dignity in romantic relationships. They are also taught on what types of men to avoid.

Many of the challenges involve the women learning to respect each other and take care of each. One time the girls need to focus on giving each other makeovers. They have to learn how to moderate their behavior. One episode has them attending a wine tasting and learning how to smoke cigars. They then need to record a public service announcement warning against the dangers of drunken driving. The goal of this exercise is for the girls to learn how to drink moderately and not get involved in trashy, drunken antics. Anger management is another lesson the girls are required to have. Through it all, the women learn how to become classly, smart women and shed their wild pasts.

3 Seasons, 32 Episodes - Canceled
April 15, 2007
Reality, Drama
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  • The final three girls compete for charity on the streets of Hollywood. In the end, two will stand before the judges to plead their cases, but only one will win $100,000.

  • Three ladies stand on the precipice of winning this semester of Charm School.

  • The five remaining girls at Charm School are in for the ride of their life when they have to raise money for charity in a very unconventional way. Girls get mean, sobriety is tested and in the end, Ricki faces her toughest expulsion decision yet.

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