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Chelsea Lately is a late night talk show that incorporates interviews with celebrities, skits, and round table conversations with various comedians. The show is hosted by writer and comedian Chelsea Handler. Due to the show's success, a spin-off was created documenting behind the scenes footage and skits of the original Chelsea Lately show, which also received successful viewer counts and ratings. Due to the popularity of both programs, a sitcom exposing real-life events in Chelsea's life was recently created as well.

The show is presented to viewers in a 30 minute format, with frequent re-runs that also receive high viewer ratings. It begins with Chelsea Handler talking about recent events, celebrity and news related, in a usually solo stand up routine. Chelsea Handler also socializes with her "assistant", Chuy Bravo, in her opening routines. Many of these openings incorporate issues and events which take place in Chelsea's personal life, which are presented in a humorous and self degrading manner.

Once the opening is completed, Chelsea Handler will sit down at the show's round table and present various comedians, socialites, staff, and actors, again socializing humorously about current topics, television shows, pop culture, and world issues. The show will then include 1 or multiple skits written and created by Chelsea and other staff members.

After the comedy portion of the show is over, Chelsea Handler then interviews 1 or multiple celebrity guests. They'll discuss upcoming releases and events that the guest is a part of, with the use of jokes and one liners in between serious conversation.

The show is praised for it's hilarity and confrontation of relevant and current topics. It has also received criticism for sarcastic and controversial jabs made toward other countries and world leaders. However, these controversial events have also been praised by many viewers and critics, who state that these jokes are humorous and therapeutic methods at confronting world events.

Because of the show's success, Chelsea Handler quickly rose to fame, becoming widely known and receiving a large fan base. Chelsea Handler has written multiple books since her show began airing, which confront issues Chelsea has dealt with throughout her life, including alcoholism. Chelsea Handler has also had successful book tours for these novels, all of which have become bestsellers.

Chelsea Handler has also guest starred on many other television shows, including sitcoms, dramas, reality-based series, and late night talk programs. She has taken part in various comedic stand up events, including successful comedy tours.

Weekdays 11:00 PM et/pt on E!
8 Seasons, 1228 Episodes - Currently Airing
July 16, 2007
Chelsea Lately
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  • The late-night comedy talk show, which debuted in 2007, ends its run.

  • Josh Wolf, Heather McDonald, Ross Mathews

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