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Chicago Fire is a dramatic television series that airs on the NBC network on Wednesday evenings. Developed and created by Michael Brandt, Ahmed Ashour and Derek Haas, the series is produced by Dick Wolf. The show follows the firefighters and paramedics who work at Engine 51, Squad 3, Truck 81, Battalion 25 and Medic 61 of the Chicago Fire Department. The firehouse actually depicted in the series is the official Engine 63 fire station.

Pilot and Premiere

The series pilot was co-written by the creators and filmed in the city of Chicago. The series will continue to be filmed there and the premiere episode featured the actual Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel. He made the appearance with the understanding that there would be an investment made to the Firefighters' Widows and Orphans Fund.


The cast features the following: Jesse Spencer as Lieutenant Matthew Casey, Taylor Kinney as Lieutenant Kelly Severide, Charlie Barnett as Firefighter Peter Mills, Monica Raymund as Paramedic Gabriela Dawson, Lauren German as Paramedic Leslie Shay, Eamonn Walker as the 25th Battalion Chief, Merle Dandridge as Chief Lynn Fitori, David Eigenberg as Firefighter Christopher Herrmann, and Teri Reeves as Doctor Hallie at Lakeshore Hospital.


Christopher Herrmann, as a veteran fireman of Truck 81 is held in high esteem by the other men. As an earthy family man, he has seen his share of misfortunes. He and his family reside with his in-laws due to financial hardship induced by a number of get-rich-quick schemes.

Matthew Casey is a strong lieutenant who relies upon intuition as he grapples with the loss of one fireman, as well as his relationship problems. Kelly Severide is a brash young lieutenant with a seemingly unflappable outward appearance. However, he faces many internal demons of his own. As a young graduate of the fireman's academy, Peter Mills follows a long history of multi-generational firefighters.

Gabriella Dawson and Leslie Shay are quick-thinking and fearless paramedics who face many harrowing situations. Battalion Chief Wallace Boden is a fireman's fireman who confronts many critical personal decisions. Hallie Thomas is a hospital resident in the midst of a marital separation from Lieutenant Matthew Casey.

All of the firemen and medical staff have their own personal crosses to bear, in addition to the life and death situations that they face daily against the backdrop of the fascinating city of Chicago.

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Chicago Fire Full Episode Guide

  • Severide and Dawson happen upon unexpected evidence at a storage unit fire that could be connected to the fire that took Shay's life. Meanwhile, the firehouse unites when Chaplain Orlovsky is the victim of a bad car accident.

  • The firehouse is unnerved when two of their own come up missing following a routine call. Meanwhile, Casey and Dawson struggle to balance their personal and professional lives.

  • The team works to save a couple inside a house fire. Meanwhile, Chief Boden prepares to start life with his new family, whereas Casey and Dawson drift apart.

  • Members of the firehouse offer aid after a semi-truck leaks hydrochloric acid in a busy intersection. Meanwhile, Severide learns more about Brittany's past and Mouch experiences a little trouble in the love department.

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