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Somewhere between a reality show, a documentary and a soap opera Chicagolicious takes its lead from the breakout series; Jerseylicious which took an in-depth look at the lives, times and tragedies of a group working together in a hair salon. Chicagolicious follows the same line of thinking and premise. The only difference is the location in which the show takes place. Chicagolicious focuses on AJ Johnson, the owner of AJ's, a full service salon in Chicago and her staff of stylists and makeup artists.

The cast also includes Katrel; a talented but temperamental makeup artist, Macray; a stylist who specializes in intricate braiding and extensions, Vilancia; a 20 year veteran of the hairstyling industry, and Austin; a young and up-and-coming makeup artist who is desperate to make a mark on the industry. A barber who frequents the shop by the name of Howard is also a major cast member, although less dramatic and thus receiving less screen time.

AJ's family plays prominently in the show as a supporting cast. AJ's cousin and roommate find her way into the mix on a regular basis and generally causes problems. She also happen to manage the salon but spends a great deal of her time complaining and working on her own personal beauty.

Chicagolicious is a better version of Jerseylicious as the entire cast appears to be more comically inclined. While they are cut throat and catty, just like the girls of Jerseylicious, they are leaps and bounds funnier and the docu-style situations presented are a bit more comedic with a greater air of hijinks.

If you happened to enjoy Jerseylicious, or at the very least found the concept amusing, then Chicagolicious is absolutely worth a gander; even if for only the voyeurism factor.

Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on Style
2 Seasons, 22 Episodes - Currently Airing
June 11, 2012
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Chicagolicious Full Episode Guide

  • Katrell and Austin fight at the lipstick-launch party on board a yacht. Also: Jennifer wonders if her career is going in the right direction; and MaCray fights for a promotion.

  • MaCray goes down south with Austin and Jennifer for a styling competition.

  • Julie hires AJ's team to style her and the wait staff for a Chefs of Chicago event.

  • AJ's of Chicago records their first commercial, and Valincia has a photo shoot for a skincare line.

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