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Childrens' Hospital is a live action show airing on the mostly animated Adult Swim block of Cartoon Network since 2009. It is a spoof of the medical drama genre and airs in brief fifteen minute episodes. It was originally a web based series but caught the eye of the network and was brought to television after only a few episodes. Comedy Central was also interested in airing the series, but was outbid. It has had three seasons since being picked up by Cartoon Network.

The show takes place in Childrens' Hospital, which is not a hospital for children but rather named for someone. It features a number of doctors in spoof roles trying to navigate the day to day operations of the hospital and each other. Take for example, Dr. Blake Downs is the clown faced doctor who attempts to heal his patients with the power of laughter or Dr. Glenn Richie is the Jewish doctor in the hospital, though he never formally had a Bah Mitzvah, who spends more time pursuing his love life than curing anyone. They all report to The Chief, a doctor who wanders the hallways threatening action against any doctor who does not follow her instructions while she hits on them. Then, throw into the mix Sy, the hospital administrator/insurance agent who tries to make sure they don't get sued and can stay in business. Most of the characters have either had some sort of relationship with the other cast members or desire such a relationship, a theme that is common to the medical drama genre and adds fuel to the comedy fires.

The show uses a stellar cast including Rob Corddry, Ken Marino, Megan Mullally and the timeless Henry Winkler. All are accomplished actors in both drama and comedy designed to promote the spoof. In addition to the stellar cast, guest stars have included Michael Cera, David Wain, and Brian Huskey. The show uses these stars in recurring roles frequently, with many of them appearing multiple times over the show's run.

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Thursday 11:30 PM et/pt on Adult Swim
6 Seasons, 73 Episodes - Currently Airing
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  • Hoping to get pregnant, Val organizes a crack team to infiltrate Sy's sperm bank vault.

  • Sy runs himself ragged trying to impress an influential blogger before the big hospital fundraiser gala. Guest stars include Zandy Hartig and Beth Dover.

  • The cast who play the characters of the show [within the show] Childrens Hospital appears on the popular morning show Up at 5 to promote an upcoming Childrens Hospital movie. Guest stars include Weird Al and Ravi Patel.

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