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Chip 'n' Dale's Rescue Rangers is a cartoon comedy that follows the exploits of two adventuring chipmunks, brothers Chip and Dale. Living in a tree in the forest, the brothers start a detective agency to help animal friends and solve crimes overlooked by the human police force. Joining the Rescue Rangers are Gadget Hackwrench, handy with tools and inventions, Monterey Jack, the group's muscle and resident explorer, and Monterey's sidekick Zipper, a green fly that talks in an unintelligible buzz.

Due to the size of the heroes their missions often involve found objects recognizable to humans, such as a car with wheels made out of toothpaste tube caps. Through the series we see a host of different animal villains, but their arch-nemesis is a tabby cat mafioso named Fat Cat. He leads a coalition of evil felines, and the pint-sized heroes are often found foiling their plans. Also seen often is mad scientist named Dr. Norton Nimnul, one of the very few humans aware of The Rescue Rangers.

2 Seasons, 65 Episodes - Canceled
March 4, 1989
Animation & Cartoons, Children
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Chip 'n' Dale's Rescue Rangers Full Episode Guide

  • The Rangers are awakened one night by the sound of uncontrollable sobbing across the street. It turns out to be KUKU, a gorilla under research by Professor Beekerbottom. The gorilla is sad because her friend Bootes the kitten is missing. The Rangers discover Fat Cat and his hoods have kidnapped Bootes for a healthy ransom. The Rangers save Bootes, but Dale and Kuku are kidnapped in the process. Dale is set to be dipped in hot chocolate unless Kuku steals jewelry for Fat Cat. She reluctantly agrees and heads off to snatch the coveted Clutchcoin Hopelessly Big Diamond. The Rangers face the challenge of saving Dale and stopping Kuku before she is caught by the police.

  • Unable to decide among themselves which of two strange cases to investigate, the Rangers split up! Monty and Zipper go off to explore the strange ship sinkings by icebergs while Chip, Dale, and Gadget go to find the stolen tap shoes of Canina LaFur, the world's only tap-dancing poodle who was just about to make her big comeback in "Hello Doggy". These two different cases are actually part of the same crime, and the Rangers find themselves working together again to stop nutty Professor Nimnul, who is using tap shoes on a chorus line of penguins to set free icebergs into a shipping lane and salvage the wrecked cargo ships.

  • When Zipper, who has been feeling left out of the action tries to single-handedly battle Nimnul, he gets sucked into the Nimnul's latest invention, the "modumizer," which causes him and Nimnul to exchange heads! Soon after, Zipper is caught by soldiers who think he is a space creature, forcing Nimnul-the-fly to join forces with the Rangers to get Zipper back. In the course of the rescue the modumizer switches all the Rangers' heads, adding confusion to chaos. Through solid team work, however, Zipper is rescued, the Rangers and Nimnul are brought back to normal, and Zipper cleverly defeats Nimnul single-handedly, just as he set out to do.

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