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Chloe's magical armoire is an imaginary portal for Chloe and her friends who have many adventures playing dress up.

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1 Season, 8 Episodes
Animation & Cartoons, Children
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Chloe's Closet Full Episode Guide

  • Chloe and friends visit a fairy land that is always light. It turns out the Sun has lost her “comfort blankie” and can’t sleep without it.

  • Chloe and friends visit the mountains of Bavaria to help “Mr. Echo” understand the idea of sequencing to help him repeat back noises in the right order.

  • Chloe and her friends dress up as deep sea divers and travel under the sea ...where they help an octopus appreciate the benefits of having eight arms.

  • Jet doesn't know what to do for the “show” that Chloe is staging.

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