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The rise and history of Christianity is traced with this complete look at the events and people that are a part of the epic journey that is the evolution of faith.

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1 Season, 8 Episodes
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Christianity: The First Two Thousand Years Full Episode Guide

  • Christianity sees the rise of science, industry, and the modern nation-state, and for the first time church and state are separated. Narrated by Dorian Harewood.

  • Martin Luther, a lowly friar in a small German town, ignites a revolution that tears Christendom apart and reinvents it from within. The Protestants herald the end of the medieval world and the beginning of the modern age. Narrated by Dorian Harewood.

  • Overcoming threats, Western Christianity emerges as the driving force of civilization, leading Europe to unprecedented power and prestige. Narrated by Dorian Harewood.

  • By the year 1000, Christianity emerges as virtually the only faith in Western Europe, having survived a millennium of constant threat. But Western Europe is wracked by savage warfare, and to the south lies the greatest challenge of all--the Muslims. Narrated by Dorian Harewood.

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