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Christianity: The First Two Thousand Years is a program that covers the different aspects of Christianity in the early stages. It highlights all of the persecution that Christians received when this religion started. It also covers the way that Christianity grew and how it originated. The first two thousand years of Christianity highlights all that early Christians experienced for holding on to their faith. It also discusses how the religion has grown in churches and throughout the world. It is an analysis of what Christians believe and how they have continued to grow in numbers despite the scrutiny they face.

1 Season, 8 Episodes
Christianity: The First Two Thousand Years
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  • Christianity sees the rise of science, industry, and the modern nation-state, and for the first time church and state are separated. Narrated by Dorian Harewood.

  • Martin Luther, a lowly friar in a small German town, ignites a revolution that tears Christendom apart and reinvents it from within. The Protestants herald the end of the medieval world and the beginning of the modern age. Narrated by Dorian Harewood.

  • Overcoming threats, Western Christianity emerges as the driving force of civilization, leading Europe to unprecedented power and prestige. Narrated by Dorian Harewood.

  • By the year 1000, Christianity emerges as virtually the only faith in Western Europe, having survived a millennium of constant threat. But Western Europe is wracked by savage warfare, and to the south lies the greatest challenge of all--the Muslims. Narrated by Dorian Harewood.

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