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The television series CINELAN 3 Minute Stories features several short documentary films that only last about three minutes. These short films are made by those looking to get into the industry. They start by showcasing this on the television show. Each show features different films.

1 Season, 49 Episodes
CINELAN 3 Minute Stories
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CINELAN 3 Minute Stories Full Episode Guide

  • Hidden from the Night is a short documentary, which brings to life the colour, vivacity and diversity of a unique city on the south coast of England.

  • Billie experiences joy and meaning even when her tumors make bed a place called home. Director Basil Shadid

  • Demon the Biker Chihuahua is a well-mannered little dog that dresses up in leathers, a helmet, a bandana, and goggles and has logged over 20,000 miles on the motorcycle riding with his owners.

  • Directed by Ben Gonyo. Randy's job as a waver has him happily dancing at busy intersections. He spreads sunshine one wave at a time.

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