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City Confidential is a true crime documentary-style television show featuring American cities and the effect on those communities of particularly notorious crimes (usually murder). Originally narrated by Paul Winfield, each episode begins with an introduction to an American town and tells the story of the town’s history and the people, industry, and anecdotes that make up its communal personality.

The first half hour is devoted to the town itself with barely a reference to the crime that becomes the point of the story. It is narrated in a gossipy, conspiratorial tone which draws the observer into an intimate familiarity with the community.

The second half hour introduces us to the people involved in the murder, including a short biography of each and how fate brought them together. A narrative of the facts leading up to the murder is followed by graphic detail of the crime, a timeline of the investigation of the suspect, and the facts of the trial and eventual verdict.

Finally, we are brought back into a narrative of the town itself and the lingering impact of the murder and criminal trial.

11 Seasons, 132 Episodes - Canceled
August 17, 1999
Documentary & Biography
City Confidential
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City Confidential Full Episode Guide

  • The Rocket City of Huntsville, AL is the setting for this episode about twins charged with murder.

  • A vicious family feud finally boils over in the town of New London, CT.

  • The story of the 1922 murder of Hollywood director William Desmond Taylor that had plenty of suspects (several of whom were famous) but was never solved. Or was it?

  • A look at the DeCavalcante crime family, which ruled the gritty port city of Elizabeth and resembled the "The Sopranos" of TV fame. The family thrived until three of its leaders were arrested for killing former boss Johnny Boy D'Amato, but the biggest shock came at the trial where it was revealed that Johnny Boy was whacked because he was gay.

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