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Co-ed Confidential, a show based on the popular movie Animal House, begins with the banning of a wild, rowdy fraternity. The fraternity house is then turned into an experimental dorm for incoming freshman. The house is overseen by two upperclassman, Ophelia and James. James and Ophelia are involved with one another in a romantic relationship.

The show follows the group of students as they move into the dorm and begin making connections with one another. Each plot line revolves around the students and their non-academic pursuits, including their social life, hookups, makeups and breakups. The show, which is strongly focused on the sexual relationships of those living in the house, aims to look at the social atmosphere in which college students are living, especially when a co-ed group is forced into such close quarters.

The house, which becomes a character in and of itself, is the setting of a majority of the scenes in each show. The house, because of its former legacy, retains a charm on campus and brings a great deal of students to it on a regular basis. Each student living in the dorm, is somehow involved with each of the other roommates, as well as a wide array of students from other dorms and around campus.

Co-ed Confidential, which is currently in its fourth season, carried the original cast through their four years of undergraduate studies before introducing new members into the fold. Slowly, new cast members are becoming intricate parts of the story line.

The show, which is considered a "dramatic-comedy," is shot in the same method as a traditional sitcom show and employs comedic timing but limited dialogue to tell the story each week. Each episode is connected to the last through a series of events and, more importantly, relationships.

Fridays at 11:30 pm on CineMax
3 Seasons, 39 Episodes - Ended
November 2, 2007
Co-Ed Confidential
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  • Spring Break is over. Double D's is closing. The hot romances are cooling down. One final wild party is what the Co-eds need. Royce has one last chance to save the bar and to win Jenny's heart. Layla and Ophelia each plan big surprises for James.

  • Zack and Stacey put an artistic spin on their lovemaking. Royce and Dick Johnson battle for Jenny's affection. Karen is fearful that her relationship with Brody is over. James uses Blowjobs and Ball Sacs - his signature cocktails - to help keep Double D's from foreclosure.

  • Jenny has a clever, sexy plan to sabotage competitor Dick Johnson's live commercial broadcast and to shut down his bar and the Co-ed crew goes to extreme measures to help out. Larry spends some time discovering how the Ice Princess got her nickname.

  • Karen's in for a rude awakening when she finds out her family may be poor. Her step-mother (Sydney Steele) comes to town on a hunt for a new sugar daddy. James must decide whether to consummate his marriage or get it annulled.

  • A wet t-shirt contest at Johnson's bar brings out the wild, side of the Co-eds. While the Co-ed men try to use seduction in order to score points for their bar, Double D's, the Co-ed women get serious about competing as they sponge down and bare all. A certain rock star from James' past is back in the picture.

  • A hurricane blows into town bringing chaos to the love lives of our Co-eds. Larry decides to cool things off with the Ice Princess. During a power outage, things heat up for Karen and Brody, and also for Zack and his mystery lady. James is preoccupied with memories of his first love. Royce gets caught in a storm of his own making.

  • The bar is having financial problems, so Zack and Larry decide to raise money by making sexy co-ed party movies. James is upset because Ophelia is gone and becomes infuriated when Royce, Ophelia's cheating ex-boyfriend, shows up and makes the moves on his younger sister, Jenny.

  • The co-eds go wild as they try to out do each other in a Spring Break sex competition. Karen and Zack attempts to sabotage each other's sexual conquests may leave them both off the scoreboard. James' past secrets are revealed.

  • The co-eds are back but without womanizing party boy, James. Now that he is married to Ophelia he has gone to Florida to seek job opportunities. A series of sexual experiments wins Ophelia a research grant and the opportunity to travel to Florida with her research team, aka the co-ed housemates, in tow. Ophelia is excited about reuniting with her new husband, but can marriage really change the old James?

  • James lies to Ophelia about his bachelor party plans but Cooper tells Karen all so Ophelia, Karen and Emily decode to sneak into the strip club and catch the boys at play. Things go array when they arrive; the boys have gone to spy on Ophelia's Bachelorette party and the three girls wind up as feature performers for the strip club.Meanwhile Larry follows through on his feelings for Ciara.While she is dancing Ophelia finds a drunken Ring who professes his regret at the loss of Ophelia's love.

  • With James and Ophelia celebrating their engagement all over the condo, Karen, Emmanuelle/Emma and Cooper plan to housesit for a friend and Emma asks Guillermo to go along.Ciara finally is fed up with Larry's blind devotion to Sophie and leaves their latest film causing Larry finally realizes his real muse was always Ciara.

  • Larry is torn between his lust for his film muse Sophie and his affection for his film buddy Ciara while James and Ophelia begin to reconnect; Emmanuelle helps Karen and Cooper connect while she finds a new partner.

  • Ophelia's dream of her lost lover, Royce, is interrupted by thoughts of James. Karen's green card husband, Guillermo, visits needing her help obtaining a passport. Royce turns up and Cooper helps Karen learn the truth about Emmanuelle.

  • Larry plans a Sci-Fi themed student film with the dual goals, a passing grade and the attention of the girl of his dreams. Cooper offers his unique vision to the project adding a pornographic slant to the production.

  • Dean Loward and Royce's plan to initiate dig up dirt and expel James after Royce is reelected Student Body President causes James to begin a campaign to unseat his rival, Cooper attempts to get Karen away from Emmanuelle and Ophelia learns of Royce's betrayal.

  • A sold out concert by pop star Minx excites Karen so she decides to enter the Omega House in a radio station scavenger hunt with the prize of free tickets. Sibling rivalry rears up as Larry claims the right to captain the team over Karen's objection.A search ensues for a DD bra and a picture of an authority figure in a compromising position. Both teams manage to obtain one of the items but will Larry and Karen set aside their family feud long enough to claim the prize?

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