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Coast Guard Alaska is a documentary style television show which follows the lives of a group of US Coast Guard personnel who risk their lives to protect civilians along the coast of Alaska and to feature their bravery in doing so. The show is based at the Kodiak, Alaska Coast Guard station. Occasionally another station along the coast line is also featured. Each episode features a string of search and rescue efforts by divers and Coast Guard patrol boats. Helicopter medical evacuations from the ocean and hard to reach mountains are also featured with experienced Coast Guardsmen paramedics and doctors on hand to save the lives of their injured and sick patients.

Coast Guard Alaska also focuses on more than just the different emergencies these brave men and women respond to help save lives. It shows the interaction between the so called 'Guardian's and how they interact with one another along with their families. The crew of a rescue helicopter works differently than one based on a ship and yet both teams have to work together in order to succeed in their mission. They train together and save lives together.

The show is the most popular TV series to air on the Weather Channel. In fact it has proven to get such high ratings among key demographics that the network has ordered two seasons to air each year in sets of six episodes each. Each season will focus on the summer months or the winter months when the Coast Guard stationed in Alaska are at the busiest from curious tourists to unfortunate fishermen. Currently the show is in production for its third season in only the last year and a half.

Al Roker Entertainment is currently responsible for the production of Coast Guard Alaska and has been since 2011 with Russell Muth as Executive Producer and show runner. Coast Guard Personnel featured may change from season to season due to changes in Coast Guard assignments.

Wednesday 9:00 PM et/pt on Weather Channel
4 Seasons, 42 Episodes - Currently Airing
November 9, 2011
Action & Adventure, Drama, Family, Military & War
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Coast Guard Alaska Full Episode Guide

  • Aircrews launch into unforgiving conditions to rescue a young woman gone missing, an elderly woman with heart pain and two severely injured males. When no one else will fly, the Coast Guard will launch to the rescue.

  • Time is critical for an overturned skiff with two people in the water, a man experiencing kidney failure and two stranded individuals. The Coast Guard must respond amidst rapidly deteriorating conditions.

  • Coast Guard crews brave hazardous weather and low visibility to effect multiple rescues - a fisherman with a fishhook lodged in his eye, a woman experiencing a heart attack and a boat in distress following a heated dispute.

  • The Coast Guard are called out to help a fisherman at risk of losing his arm and also to help a young man that suffered a dangerous fall.

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