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Code Geass, full title Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, is a 25-episode Japanese anime series produced by Sunrise. Although the series had a production run of nearly the same length as as a regular anime series, it ends on a cliffhanger which is concluded in the sister series Code Geass: R2. The series takes place in an alternate universe and revolves around the exploits and tactics of protagonist Lelouch Lamperouge after he attains the power of Geass. With Geass, Lelouch plans to eradicate the Holy Britanian Empire, an imperial monarchy (which he has a claim to) and one of the three conquering superpowers of this world.

The alternate universe of Code Geass reveals that there are only three superpowers in the world. These superpowers are the European Union, the Holy Britannian Empire, and the Chinese Federation. Code Geass begins after Britannia occupies Japan, annexing it. The newly conquered Japanese have been renamed "Elevens," after the country's new name of Area 11, and are treated as second-class citizens. Japan's defeat is made especially efficient thanks to the use of "Knightmare Frames," special piloted suits of armor which stand roughly 15-20 feet tall.

Protagonist Lelouch is a genius prince in exile from the Holy Britannian Empire, with a strong desire to see that empire crumble away into nothingness. Lelouch winds up being dragged into a terrorist attack and frees a mysterious girl known as C.C. As a token of appreciation for saving her life, C.C. grants Lelouch the power to influence people without question by simply locking his gaze upon them and telling that person what to do. After Geass to force a Britannian to commit suicide, Lelouch begins plotting on how best to use this new power to eradicate the Britannian government.

Eventually, Lelouch helps to foster a resistance group, albeit under the disguise of the mysterious masked individual simply known as Zero. Eventually Zero's group grows in numbers and ranks, formally uniting as an organization known as the Black Knights.

3 Seasons, 51 Episodes - Ended
October 5, 2006
Anime, Science Fiction
Code Geass
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  • Lelouch and Suzaku fight for the sake of their promise, the Zero Requiem. Suzaku battles Kallen, while Lelouch confronts Nunnally, his biggest and dearest enemy.

  • The Black Knights manage to board the Avalon. Lelouch escapes in the Shinkirō while C.C. holds Kallen at bay long enough for Lelouch to escape. Using Nina's F.L.E.I.J.A. Eliminator, Lelouch and Suzaku successfully break into the Damocles. Believing Lelouch to be trapped, Schneizel sets the Damocles' self-destruct sequence and attempts to leave. However, Lelouch manages to outsmart Schneizel, using his Geass to force him into obedience. Suzaku and Gino battle outside the fortress, with Gino unable to hold out against Suzaku. Using his last attack, Gino takes out the Damocles shields, allowing Kallen to take over. Meanwhile, Lelouch goes to confront Nunnally, who has regained her sight.

  • Lelouch begins his reformation of Britannia, abolishing the aristocracy and Area system. The Knights of Rounds attempt to remove Lelouch from power, but Suzaku, piloting the Lancelot Albion, easily obliterates their ranks, killing Bismarck Waldstein and two other Rounds members while only disabling Gino's Knightmare. His position secure, Lelouch announces his intention to join the U.F.N. On the way to the meeting, he and Kallen bid each other farewell after she kisses him, Kallen having been unable to get Lelouch to answer any of her questions. When the UFN demands that he accept a limit to his voting power to prevent Britannia from attaining an automatic majority, Lelouch forces their hand by having Suzaku take the U.F.N. leaders hostage and Britannia's military surround Japan. During the commotion, the Britannian capital is obliterated by Schenizel, who is aboard his new flying fortress, the Damocles. He reveals to Lelouch that Nunnally is alive, and she declares herself to be Lelouch and Suzaku's enemy.

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