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Kevin Smith is a name that many people recognize, however, what many people don't know is that Smith is an avid comic book collector. Being a self proclaimed nerd who has a true passion for comics and the collectibles that are associated with this form of media. When you combine these factors it's not really surprising that Smith's brain child for the small screen is a reality show that deals with individuals who are true hard core comic book dealers and collectors; otherwise known as 'Comic Book Men.'

'Comic Book Men' takes place at Smith's Red Bank, New Jersey comic book store; 'Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash.' Smith teams up with his buddies Walter, Bryan, Ming, Mike and Rob each week to see what's new in the world of comic books, collectibles and super heroes. Occasionally guests such as the legendary Stan Lee makes an appearance that shows why comics aren't just for kids anymore, as well as offering insights into what new developments in the genre may be on the horizon.

Considering the rare gems and treasures, such as original comic cells from legends such as Bob Kane (Batman's creator for those who don't know) that enter the store, tuning in just to see what new treasure will walk through the door and possibly end up as a part of Smith's collection or 'The Stash's' inventory is an absolute must. Comics have become a very serious business for those with a passion for it and what better way to capture that passion then by offering a glimpse into a successful business that deals with them.

Aside from the glimpses into the business itself and learning new and interesting facts regarding these types of items, 'Comic Book Men' can also offer humerous entertainments. There are a variety of individuals who are passionate when it comes to this genre and 'Comic Book Men' captures this passion as well as sharing a glimpse into a media that not many people may not have much insight of.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on AMC
6 Seasons, 69 Episodes - Currently Airing
February 12, 2012
Comedy, Reality
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  • Horror queen Elvira helps out when the Stash promotes a blood drive at the store. The boys argue about the glee of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

  • (( UPDATE 2016-09-25: Date updated, but full details still incoming: INFO:New season pick up confirmed by host Kevin Smith in his podcast HOLLYWOOD BABBLE ON #246 [May 13 2016]. Will return in October. FURTHER PROOF: Replace all of this once synopsis comes from AMC.))

  • In the last episode of the fifth-season, Phoenix Jones, a real-life superhero, goes to the Stash and patrols Red Bank, N.J., with the boys. Later, Walt ponders about an iconic Batman playset.

  • Jason Mewes brings his baby girl to the Stash so she can be introduced to the boys. Later, a customer sells a series of comic-book Slurpee cups.

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