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Commander In Chief was a television show depicting the fictional story of the first female President of the U.S., Mackenzie Allen, played in the show by Geena Davis. Although similar in style to another political drama, The West Wing, Commander In Chief depicts not only the political life of The White House but also the private, family life of the First Family. Created for the ABC network in America by film and TV director Rod Lurie Commander In Chief ran for a single season of 18 episodes before being cancelled.

The plot of Commander In Chief revolves around the character of Mackenzie "Mac" Allen, and independent politician who is chosen as Vice President by President "Teddy" Bridges. Upon reaching the highest office in the land President Bridges dies suddenly leaving his Vice President, Mac Allen as the new and first female President of the U.S. The drama of Commander In Chief comes in some cases from the prejudice and lack of confidence other politicians have in the new President; one of the major characters who often clashes with the new President is the Speaker of the House Nathan Templeton, played by Donald Sutherland. Playing a Republican politician from Florida Sutherland's character of Templeton often clashes with Allen over political decisions and his lack of faith in a woman to become the President.

Other drama is found in the show through the actions and political views of the three children of Allen and her husband, First Gentleman Rod Calloway. The three children of the Calloway's are a pair of 16 year old twins, Horace and Rebecca, and a six year old daughter Amy. Throughout the show 16 year old Rebecca makes clear her unhappiness at her mother's political choices that are more liberal than her own.

The production of Commander In Chief was difficult with many changes in production staff occurring through the first and only completed season. Series creator Rod Lurie acted as executive producer for the first eight episodes of the season before being replaced by veteran television producer Steven Bochco. The arrival of Bochco signaled a shift in the second half of the season to a more edgy political drama moving away from the focus of the show on the family of the President.

1 Season, 18 Episodes - Canceled
September 27, 2005
Action & Adventure
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  • When a longtime outspoken critic of the Equal Rights Amendment passes away and his wife prepares to take over his Congressional seat, Mac sees the opportunity to amend the Constitution and finally pass the ERA. Meanwhile, she prepares to participate in a previously scheduled Get Out the Vote event with Templeton, which turns into more of a presidential debate. On the home front, Rod is approached about doing a story on his relationship with Mac a Presidential marriage and it turns out Kelly has a past with the writer. Rebecca continues her relationship with her IM buddy, but theyre each shocked at the others identity when they meet in person. And the differences between Mac and Dickies beliefs become glaringly apparent.

  • It's Mac's birthday, but her celebrating is put on hold when Americans are taken hostage in Turkey by a militant Kurdish group. Meanwhile, Mac continues interviewing candidates for Vice President, and Dickie voices his opinion about who Mac ought to chose. Also, Rebecca's IM friend ends up to be someone unexpected.

  • Mac has her Attorney General investigate the cause of the growing urban unrest in Prince George's County, Maryland. Mac learns that the county is where Chief of Staff Jim Gardner is originally from while Gardner has an unexpected visitor from the past who tells him about the situation in Maryland. Meanwhile, Mac must deal with a crisis when surface-to-air missiles that were lost in a military plane crash over Pakistan have resurfaced on the black market. Templeton continues to campaign for the Templeton Act, which Mac threatens to veto.

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