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Comrades is a Korean TV series honoring the men and women who fought in the Korean War. The show emphasizes the human side of war, and that the cost in human life, pain, and suffering overshadows any glory achieved on the battlefield. The Squad Commander of a South Korean unit, Lee Hyun Joong, is trying to protect the men he commands. An experienced war veteran, he is suffering from burn out, and his attitude toward the patriotic conflict is slipping. Despite his worsening attitude, he is fiercely dedicated to protecting the surviving members of his unit. The adventures of the unit are realistically chronicled in these episodes, including time spent in a North Korean concentration camp and their escape.

There is some love interest depicted in these episodes, but the main focus is on interaction between the men, the soldiers and the enemy, an enemy who could have been friendly in the recent past and the effects of politics and war on ordinary people.

This show was enormously popular in Korea, and more recently a movie, The Legend of The Patriots, was made based on the TV series to commemorate the soldiers who fought and died in the Korean War.

Saturday & Sunday 9:40 PM et/pt on DramaFever
1 Season, 20 Episodes - Currently Airing
June 19, 2010
Korean Drama
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Comrades Full Episode Guide

  • This is the concluding episode to Legend of the Comrades. Sergeant Lee meets Lee Sugyeong in the battlefield for the last time.

  • Private Beomwoo is slained by comrade Woncheol in front of his squad. Sergeant Baek is shot by Lee Sugyeong.

  • The squad is back on the front-line. Sergeant Park is shot by enemy snipers and Private Beomwoo gets captured.

  • Sergeant Lee and his squad are finally safe in a South Korean base. However, they are questioned about their time in the enemy's concerntration camp.

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