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The show follows the three women behind the book as they help one guest member create one of the recipes they created, in effort to make a healthier meal. While the focus is on healthy, the creators acknowledge the desire for great tasting food, which helps drive the type of recipes made on air. Instead, they take meals the guest enjoys, turning it into a healthier version while showing each step and comparing the end results with the original, higher calorie inspiration. Weeks later, the hosts visit the guest to see how their healthy cooking suggestions are being followed.

The show also has two cookbooks available to go along with the recipe making process. Each episode follows a similar format, all with the same goal of helping the guest and viewers find a way to make their cake and eat it too, without worrying about their waistline with each meal.

2 Seasons, 35 Episodes - New Series
Cook Yourself Thin
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Cook Yourself Thin Full Episode Guide

  • Helen Fudge from Woking is a biscuit binger who chooses convenience over calorie-counting. Gizzi shows Helen how to cook clever alternatives with less fat and more flavour.

  • Gizzi meets Yvonne, who lives on a diet of take-away pastries, fat-filled fry-ups and doner kebab dinners containing a huge 100 grams of fat.

  • Photo student Emma Patterson is an indulgent cook whose downfall dishes like fatty ox cheek stew, cream laden fish pie, and a 4,000 calorie rocky road have helped her to pile on 5 stone.

  • Gizzi meets Dawn Nelson from Hackney whose downfall dishes include cheesy ciabattas, deep fried chicken dinners and a sticky spare rib meal containing a whopping 1200 calories.

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