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Cooking Up A Story is a show about people, food, and sustainable living. With each episode portraying the passion of the family farmers, the artisan producers, and the diverse range of everyday people whose lives center on food, and sustainable living. These personal stories are told by the subject, without a prepared script as well as filmed in their local surroundings which brings the people behind our food to life.

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3 Seasons, 4 Episodes - Currently Airing
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Season 5 (2 full episodes, 33 clips available)
  • Episode 75 - Trash Fish Supper: Eating Lower On t...
  • Episode 67 - Alan Kapuler: Open Pollinated Public...

    In part 3, Alan Kapuler shares his deep appreciation for the garden. Through his plant breeding efforts, Kapuler seeks to extend into the public domain a lifetime of work cultivating, growing and cataloging his seeds for the benefit of humanity.

Season 3 (1 full episode, 24 clips available)
  • Episode 32 - Vandana Shiva: The Future of Food, P...

    In part 3 of this final installment, Dr. Vandana Shiva takes us back to the role of organic farming, and to the organic farmer who she believes embodies the best scientists of our time.

Season 1 (1 full episode, 7 clips available)

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