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Love, death, heartbreak, laughter and tears can all be found on the U.K. soap opera Coronation Street. First broadcast in December of 1960, this veteran of the soap operas shows no signs of slowing down. The stories, fresh from the headlines, focus of the residents of Coronation Street in the fictional town of Salford, in the United Kingdom. From the first simple black and white episode, focusing on the struggles of a working class boy, Kenneth Barlow to the current day gritty realism, the residents of Coronation Street fight the ups and downs of life each day.

From the happy times of love, marriage and babies to the darker times of betrayal, infidelity, murder and prison sentences—through it all, the families of Coronation Street pull together. With humor, love and grit their spirits guide them through ready to face whatever exciting turn comes next.

ITV Global Entertainment Ltd.
5 Seasons, 107 Episodes - Currently Airing
January 2, 2013
Drama, Soaps
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Coronation Street 2013 Full Episode Guide

  • Rob tries his best to bluff his way out but Carla's got him banged to rights. Peter wants Carla to call the police but she refuses and instead orders Peter retrieve the stolen silk from the lock-up.

  • Tina begs Izzy to try and forgive Gary for the sake of the baby. Steve and Michelle are taken aback when Katy and Ryan appear from the bedroom. Ryan explains that Katy and Joseph have moved in for a couple of weeks.

  • Tina is rushed to hospital. Tommy goes with her in the ambulance. Visibly upset, Izzy announces to Anna and Owen how Gary made a pass at Tina. Gary's deeply embarrassed.

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