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Cory in the House is a spin-off from the popular Disney show That's So Raven. This show follows the story of Cory and his dad, Victor, packing up their lives and moving to Washington D.C.; where Victor has earned the title of the President's chef. With Raven away at college and Cory's mother going to school in England, you can only imagine the crazy and unpredictable adventures Cory and his dad get themselves into. Along the way they learn how to live in the White House and they meet lifelong friends.

This show is great if you were in love with That's So Raven. The writing is very similar and it follows two characters you have already fallen in love with before. Parents will love the strong lessons of respect, honesty, and the importance of friendship. Cory in the House is great for all ages, and parents can be assured that the material is neither questionable nor inappropriate.

2 Seasons, 35 Episodes - Canceled
January 12, 2007
Comedy, Children
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Cory In The House Full Episode Guide

  • After breaking up with Craig, Meena writes an angry song and DC3 gets a chance for their song to be in a movie, but Meena can't get angry enough to finish writing the song. Sophie, Tanisha and Haley stay up late to watch a movie instead of doing their book report.

  • When Candy begins spending more time with a new Mexican student, Cory learns lucha libre, a form of Mexican wrestling in hopes of winning her back. Meanwhile, Sophie and her friends start a musical group, but it doesn't take long for egos to get in the way.

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