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Cosas De La Vida is a talk show in Mexico. The talk show had began in 1999 until 2003, and went off the air, and then in 2010 was given another shot and is still in production. The show is hosted by Rocio Sanchez Azuara. It is shown on the Mexican channel Azteca 13. It's 60 minutes long and an episode is aired Monday through Friday at 4:00 pm, and Saturdays at 5:00 pm.

Rocio Sanchez Azuara's talk show touches on some of the world's most sensitive subjects, and has in-depth interviews with many people, from famous individuals such as Edith Gonzales, Mauricio Islas, and Laura Bozzo. Some other people who are brought on stage for interviews and short talks are the people in the audience. They also have a professional psychologist, Estela Duran, who gives her professional opinion on the person who is being interviewed, to the topic of each episode that is aired. The show originally aired from 1999 to 2003, but due to an abusive director, the show was canceled. Starting in 2010, under new management and producers, along with a new director, the show was given another chance, and asked the seasoned Television host Rocio Sanchez Azuara to come back. Rocio came back to give the show one last chance, under the same title as the show from 1999, along with the same concept. The show is now considered a little bit more scandalous than before, with very raw, emotional interviews, deep psychologist thoughts and opinions, and very controversial topics.

Cosas De La Vida is produced by Rangel Carolina, and the studio's address is Bravo Antonio Soria. Rocio Sanchez Azuara has been the only person to ever host Cosas De La Vida, and will continue to be the host of Cosas De La Vida.

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  • Magdalena intern³ a Mayte en un centro de rehabilitaci³n debido a que se enamor³ a temprana edad.

  • Jorge asegura que Esther es una madre desobligada y s³lo quiere el bienestar de los ni±os.

  • Teresa se escap³ con su novio y su madre lo denunci³ por secuestro.

  • Por la velocidad y los excesos Alfredo le cambi³ la vida a su hermano.

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