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Cosmic Vistas is a science documentary series that offers a never before seen view of the solar system. Using footage gathered by cameras literally flying through space, each episode takes an in depth look at a different aspect of the solar system's diversity and beauty.

The stunning visuals in Cosmic Vistas take viewers to the new frontier of exploration. The show explores phenomena as close to Earth as the Northern Lights and as far away as the literally otherworldly as the images captured by the Hubble Telescope. Viewers can go stargazing in the Atacama Desert with expert astronomers and learn about the frozen moons of other planets in our solar system. Other episodes explain how the landscapes of other planets provide clues to their pasts and how the sun's warmth and light are essential to survival here on Earth. Cosmic Vistas answers questions about the threat asteroids and meteorites pose to life on Earth, how gravity works on other planets, what more we can learn about our own moon, and how similar Mars is to our own planet. The show also asks questions about life on other planets in our solar system, and whether there are other solar systems like ours out further in universe.

Cosmic Vistas is distributed by the studio High Fidelity HDTV Media, Inc. It is written and narrated by Canadian science journalist Ivan Semeniuk. The show is directed by Sonya Buyting (also a science journalist) and Derek Reid. Semeniuk produces the show along with Buyting and Craig Colby.

2 Seasons, 37 Episodes
April 27,2012
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  • Like the vanishing point in a perspective drawing, the core of a neighboring galaxy attracts our eyes and makes up feel like we are gazing down a deep well, with a bright shining center. But this illusion conceals an even deeper truth.

  • When the Hubble telescope looks towards the heavens, it finds design on a grand scale. Especially when it zooms in on the spiral galaxies that populate the universe around us.

  • For most of human history, the night sky seemed two dimensional. A marvelous canvas that stretched from horizon to horizon. To our ancestors this perspective gave no hint to the universes true depth...

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