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Couples Therapy is a reality television that brings on real-life celebrity couples and makes them live in a house together and undergo therapy sessions. The couples on the show all live together in a luxurious mansion and are forced to deal with each other day-in and day-out. There is a lot of drama as the couples clash with each other and with other couples.

Dr. Jenn Berman is the therapist on the show and every week the couples meet with her to discuss their problems and air out their differences. Dr. Berman is all accompanied by three staff members, who help facilitate couples therapy sessions and workshops. They are always their in the house with the couples so anytime a problem arises they can help. The couples also do group therapy which allows them to interact with each other and see if they can give each other advice. The couples also have to do competitions with each other. This allows them to work on their issues in a real-world setting. Forcing the couples to confront a physical problem makes them learn to work with each other and communicate. Some times the couples experience a breakthrough and become stronger. Other times, they make the decision to separate.

Couples Therapy is an interesting show for anyone who is curious about how couples function and deal with their problems. Many of these couples are so famous that they deal with additional problems that other couples do not. For example, most couples don't have to worry about groupies showering them with attention but celebrity couples do.

Wednesday 9:00 PM et/pt on VH1
6 Seasons, 61 Episodes - Currently Airing
March 21, 2012
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Couples Therapy Full Episode Guide

  • In the Season 6 finale, the couples talk about the knowledge they've gained and what relationship deal-breakers they might have. Scott gives Jaclyn a gift. Carmen has a childhood dream fulfilled when Adrian gives her the wedding she's always wanted.

  • The group talks about their sex lives to Dr. Jenn, who gives unexpected advice. Carmen gets quizzed on the details of being trans, and the group gets an anatomy lesson. Adrian surprises Carmen.

  • The group reflects on their pasts and the effects on their current relationships. Joe reveals a painful matter of the heart he's been keeping to himself.

  • The group session focuses on who wears the pants in the relationships. Later, Neil surprises Big Ang for their anniversary.

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