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Dan Vs. is an animated television series that debuted on July 9, 2011. The show is based on a man named Dan that thinks the world is out to get him. All those that have wronged Dan lay victim to his phoebe. Dan goes out into the world to find what he believes are people that have wronged him.

The show takes place in Los Angeles, California as show by all the landmarks and such. Another main Character is Chris who also shares Dan's negative outlook on life. Chris has an almost uncontrollable craving for food and is always eating. Because of this he tends to fall asleep while driving and usually ends up riding over bicyclists. Oh did we mention that he is 1/16th Canadian?

Chris is married to Elise who is a very kind, gentle, easy going person. The one thing that sets her off is when her parents are around. Well that and Dan's revenge schemes in which she tries to thwart. Elise has reddish hair and is a martial arts master. She was presently in a ninja clan.

Some other supporting characters include Don (Elise's Father), Elise Sr. (Elise's Mother), Mr. Mumbles (Dan's Cat), Hortence (An Employee at the burger restaurant), Cruncy (Store owner), Fake Dan (a Dan imposter), Ben (Elise's Younger Brother.

The show offers some gems along with many subplots. Chris is always trying to help Dan come up with elaborate revenge plans that for better or worse take place on most occasions. Something different to check out!

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Dan Vs. Full Episode Guide

  • Elise comes across an old box of Chris' summer camp memorabilia in the garage, prompting Chris and Dan to recount the story of how they met as children. Suffering through life on the low end of the social totem pole at Camp Atrocious, Dan and Chris had constantly been the butt of jokes and daily childish hazing. But when Dan decides he can't take it anymore, he enlists Chris as his sidekick to take on the older kids and teach the bullying head counselor a lesson. Devising his very first system of elaborate traps and weaponry, Dan finds his calling in revenge and leaves Camp Atrocious in ruins.

  • Dan is bent on attending a "Zombie Wrestling" event, but Chris already has plans to take a cruise with Elise and her parents. In a failed attempt to sabotage Chris leaving, Dan inadvertently finds himself stowing away on an ocean liner as a fifth member of the family. Desperate to head back to Los Angeles, Dan manipulates the cruise activities with a vengeance, hoping to cause enough trouble to be sent home. But then he realizes that one lucky passenger will get the title of honorary Captain during a ship-wide contest, and decides to do anything possible to win the honor and use it to personally steer the boat back towards land. But when he succeeds, he manages to accidentally send the boat straight towards an oceanic black hole! Suddenly the whole family must put their differences aside to work together and save the ship!

  • When Los Angeles' local Crime Fighter Terrifi-Guy demolishes Dan's car during a routine act of heroism, Dan dons a cape and tights in an effort to out Super the Hero! But he soon learns that it's hard to be a super hero without any powers, so he switches tactics. He turns the roof of his apartment into a lair and starts focusing his thoughts to the more diabolical side of things. He becomes "Dr. Jerk" a super villain with plans to destroy Terrific-Guy by finding out and exploiting his one crippling weakness and thus having his revenge!

  • Summoned to Jury Duty for the first time in his life, Dan's initial instinct is to sabotage the system and get out of serving as quickly as possible. But when he learns the details of the trial and sympathizes with the defendant's actions, he quickly changes his tune. He becomes determined to exonerate the accused by any means necessary. Whether impersonating a judge, tampering with the jury, doing some amateur detective work, or just making a contemptible nuisance of himself, Dan becomes a one man legal system bent on personal justice!

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