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Meet Daria Morgandorffer. Daria is just an average teenager in suburban America: bitterly sarcastic with a knack for corrosive come backs and a grim take on reality. After leaving Bevis and Butt-Head behind in Highland, Daria has moved to Lawndale with her parents, part time businessman Jake and ambitious corporate lawyer Helen, and her fashionista sister Quinn. Jake and Helen are reformed hippies turned upper middle class professionals and clueless parents, who, while being endlessly proud of pretty, popular Quinn, have difficulty relating to social outcast Daria.

Daria relies on her best friend and fellow persona non grata, Jane Lane, along with their favorite television show "Sick, Sad, World" to help her survive high school and the crowds of oblivious teenagers. Jane is a talented artist with a similarly cynical outlook on the world, who lives with her brother Trent Lane: a moody Gen X-er with a guitar, a beat up Plymouth, and Daria's secret crush.

Together Daria and Jane, occasionally along with another unfortunate soul thrown in the mix, attempt to put a mirror up to the face of society through sarcasm and blunt realism to demonstrate how ludicrous teenage life can be. Their efforts usually prove futile however, as the targets of their quips are almost always too clueless to be offended.

Daria hopes that it is possible to dive in to the melting pot of high school, and make it to the other side without drowning in the stupidity of the masses; or worse: becoming one of them herself.

5 Seasons, 67 Episodes - Canceled
March 3, 1997
Animation & Cartoons
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Daria Full Episode Guide

  • A clip filled episode that looks back at the past 5 seasons. The episode also features a preview of Is It College Yet?, a movie based on the show.

  • After going through a box of old stuff, some of the items trigger Daria's childhood memories. The memories, which were about her parents arguing over Daria's antisocialness, upset her. Daria then has to come to terms with her problems as a child.

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