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The television show Dark Knight is a medieval adventure show that follows the legend of the Ivanhoe. The show is set in the time of the Dark Ages. There are adventures dealing with dangerous lands, mystical creatures, and magic. The show takes place in the year 1193.

The King of England known as Richard the Lionheart led his troops on the third Gr3eat Crusade to take back the Holy Land from the Turkish people. They won the battle and are returning to England when they are captured by troops from the Austrian Empire. They are put into jail as prisoners of war. The knights are tortured and asked to reveal the location of the King's treasure. The knights insist there is no treasure. A knight named Tancred tells the guard that the King is their treasure and the people of England will pay to have him back. Tancred is sent to return to England and get money from the King's brother, Prince John. If he does not bring back the money knights will be killed.

Another knight that is being held captive is named Ivanhoe. He is able to escape the prison. As Ivanhoe is trying to escape the other knights state that Tancred will betray them. Ivanhoe tries to save his fellow knights but more guards are on their way. He is able to kill one of the guards and escape from the prison. Ivanhoe steals a horse and heads back to England. Once he is back in England he plans on returning to his family and mending the relationship he has with them. While back in England Ivanhoe works on raising money to make sure the king is released and also to make sure that Tancred is keeping his promise to return for the knights and King Richard. Ivanhoe's goal is to return the king to his throne.

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2 Seasons, 26 Episodes - Ended
July 1, 2000
Action & Adventure
Dark Knight
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  • Mordour prophecies that Queen Eleanor will encounter a deadly danger at the next crescent moon.

  • Mordour traps Rebecca in the cave in which the Stonegod is entombed, in order to entice Ivanhoe, and then relieve him of the Skull of Alcazar, which he has found.

  • The deceptively beautiful, but cruel, Countess Adel is trying to get close to Prince John, and part of her plan is to identify those Saxon barons still loyal to King Richard.

  • Draco the dragon warns Ivanhoe of approaching danger, from the time of Merlin.

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