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Deal with It is an American television comedy game show series that first aired in 2013 and airs weekly on TBS. Howie Mandel and Theo Von are the host of the show, in which they and a guest comedian dare random people to pull pranks on the public. The host of the show will either select someone randomly or prearrange this event. It is important that the selectee be accompanied by someone completely unbeknown to anything that is going on because of course they are of course part of the prank. A third player (also completely unbeknown to what is happening) is required to complete the prank. Now player 1 who is in on the prank is also wired to communicate with the host, the host is instructing him what to do and say as part of the prank.

Player 1 is a male, player 2 is a female, and player 3 is a female as well. Now players 1 and 2 are seated at a diner for lunch and player 3 (which stated earlier could be anyone) walks in and takes a table. Now player 1 begins to strongly notice player 3. His lady friend plaqyer2 begins to be annoyed. This is where it really gets fun. After deliberately annoying his lady he begins to take it up notch as a result of the host talking to him via a microphone.

Furthering the prank, he will get up and go to the woman and say something a bit flattering then return to his table. Natural his lady friend will want to know what he said and why. Know the goal is to try and keep both women form leaving in order to win the cash prize. If either or both women are not too bothered then he will have to take it up a notch. The idea is to get one both angry enough until they are about to leave, then try and stop her or them both, whichever the case. If he fails to keep one or both from leaving he loses the money. Now at the end of the event all parties are apprised of the joke and everyone can go away with a laugh.

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Wednesday 10:30 PM et/pt on TBS
3 Seasons, 20 Episodes - Currently Airing
Comedy, Family, Reality
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Deal With It Full Episode Guide

  • HYPOCHONDRIAC: What starts out as simple exercises in staying healthy quickly turns into a series of obsessive procedures, as our contestant finds creative ways of keeping the germs at bay. Co-host: Howie Mandel. BEST MEDICINE: When a contestant starts acting silly after taking a mystery pill, her brother must try and prevent her from grazing on the decor, and blowing on his belly button. Co-host: Nick Cannon

  • LAUGHS: This contestant takes the saying "laughter is the best medicine" a little too seriously, after getting the giggles at his waiter's misfortunes. Co-hosts: Bill & Giuliana Rancic. THE ACCIDENT: H20 is what's on the menu during this prank that escalates when our contestant has an accident in his pants and needs the restaurant's help to dry them. Co-host: Alex Mandel.

  • BUYER'S REMORSE: When this contestant is challenged with signing off on a number of bizarre online purchases, she must handle someone else's dirty laundry. Co-host: Tom Green. MAN'S MAN: Upon revealing a passion for the effeminate, and showing his affection with a kiss on the hands, our contestant decides his buddy should return the favor in the form of a friendly foot massage. Co-host: WWE Superstar The Miz.

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