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Death Valley is a television show that is a new take on the fake reality show style of filming, otherwise known as a "mockumentary" style. The show opens with cops chasing a zombie, and the audience is brought in at that point of the story line. Set in what appears to be the present time, a special task force is formed when zombies, vampires and werewolves invade the San Fernando Valley are of California.

A mix of horror and comedy, the show follows the Undead Task Force, a special department of the LAPD, as they try to contain these monsters to the Valley while a cause and cure are researched by scientists. The camera crew that follows the police in their everyday dealings with the undead do get in on the action every now and then as well.

While much of the humor of the show tends to be one-liners and suggestive remarks, there is a dark humor to the entire situation these officers find themselves in every day. The supernatural creatures are terminated with the standard movie lore, stakes, silver and a shot to the head, to keep the rest of the population safe.

Average citizens still live in the area and have to deal with these creatures on a regular basis, but the Valley is their home and they are willing to cope until a solution is found. Until such a time, they must rely on the task force to dispatch and contain the menace.

The usual cast members make their appearances, with the bumbling comic relief pair of officers being offset by the efficient and hard core team. The squad has a clear bond that comes through, along with their own problems which are part of the action in every episode. The camera crews that follow get all the action on film for the world to see.

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Monday 10:30 PM et/pt on MTV
1 Season, 12 Episodes - Currently Airing
Comedy, Horror & Suspense, Science Fiction, Supernatural, Vampire
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  • While the UTF anticipates a peace summit with the vamp boss, John-John is targeted at the hospital.

  • John-John's life hangs in the balance while Stu and Billy search for a mole in the force.

  • Chaos breaks out when the vamps launch an all-out assault on the UTF station.

  • Dashell hunts down a vampire that has been preying on his niece.

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