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Defenders of the Earth is an animated sci-fi adventure show. It pits Ming the Merciless against Flash Gordon. The setting of this story is in the future. Flash Gordon had previously caused Ming to lose his throne. Now Ming is angry and wants revenge on Flash. Ming's plans are to take over the world in order to have his revenge. Flash must stop him.

Flash Gordon is a super hero of long standing. Saving the world is an everyday occurrence for him. Ming was one of his toughest bad guys to beat and now Ming is back with revenge on his mind.

Content Family
1 Season, 16 Episodes - Canceled
September 8, 1986
Action & Adventure, Animation & Cartoons, Science & Technology
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Defenders of the Earth Full Episode Guide

  • Ming launches a Frost Satellite with the power to blanket the earth with a veneer of frost and enslave all of humanity.

  • Ming plots to steal the Crown Jewels of England so that he can grow invincible crystal soldiers and conquer the world!

  • Ming springs from prison an evil ex-Shadow Lord and nemesis of Mandrake, and orders him to locate the three pieces of the ORB OF KONOS that will enable Dr. Dark to grant the Merciless One immortality.

  • Ming utilizes his Star of Mongo crystal to tap Kshin's fertile imagination in the battle simulation room and brings to life "anti" Defenders who can destroy the real Defenders once and for all.

  • Mandrake and Lothar join forces with the beautiful Atascadero to find The Lost Jewels of Tibet. They discover, along with Ming, the wrath of a pre-historic dragon.

  • Part I - Ming gets control of the Battle Simulation Room, and the Defenders are fighting for real!

  • The awesome intergalactic storehouse of knowledge visits the Galaxy--and the Defenders must keep Ming from stealing its deadly weapon!

  • The beautiful space princess Astra plans revenge against Flash Gordon--She gives Ming the Merciless her secret formula for a race of unstoppable slaves --The Clay People!

  • Ming the Merciless develops a weather control device and plots to freeze the world solid!

  • A famous scientist's plant food experiment backfires--into a formula that turns people into plants!

  • Ultracomputer Dynak X is invaded by Ming's Electronic Maggot--and miniaturized Defenders must fight her war within!

  • The Phantom's family secret! His evil older brother joins forces with Ming the Merciless andbecomes N'Dama - The Weather Demon!

  • Kshin's experiments with Mandrake's forbidden sorcery books produces Shogoth, an evil demon. It takes all the Defenders to defeat this creature. In the end, Kshin learns a valuable lesson--what it takes to be a Defender of the Earth.

  • A huge cavern located in a dormant volcano is chosen as the new home for the Defenders of the Earth and their super computer -- Dynak X.

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