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Dennis the Menace was a television show which chronicled the adventures of one little kid named Dennis. The show was created from the cartoon of the same name by Bill Ketchum. Although very likable, Dennis was incapable of staying out of trouble and quite capable of making the adults around him very nervous.

Dennis, his mom Alice Mitchell and dad Henry Mitchell all lived at the fictional 627 Elm Street. Although his parents were reasonable and for the most part semi-accepting of their son's antics, Dennis tested their patience minute by minute. He was like a supernova streaking through his neighborhood, turning everything in it's path upside down. Dennis's ever bright disposition combined with his inexhaustible energy and (what he thought were) clever ideas was a recipe for many misadventures.

Be-speckled and calm, Henry Mitchell was the epitome of unruffled acceptance and bemusement of his son's shenanigans. Unfortunately, his mom Alice Mitchell had to deal with most of Dennis's mischievousness head on. In one episode, Dennis tells his friend his mom is the best mom in the whole world. He announces to his friend he is going to fix the leg of the kitchen table his dad has been meaning to fix. Dennis insists he's great at fixing things as he, in his own unique way, proceeds to tear down the table. Of course Mrs. Mitchell is left to pick up the remains of the table which took Dennis about one minute to dismantle.

One of the funnier quotes in the show was mom, how come you always say thank goodness instead of goodnight? His mom was tucking him into bed at the time, worn completely out from dealing with Dennis all day long. Every parent in America could probably identify with this moment!

Dennis was a big thorn in the side of his grumpy older neighbor, Mr. Wilson. Dennis would find new and ever more creative ways to drive Mr. Wilson insane. It really didn't help that Mr. Wilson was a nervous wreck. After shooing Dennis away for the one hundredth time, Mr. Wilson would find Dennis right back at his door with a new way to "help out". Dennis's idea of helping out did not impress Mr. Wilson at all. He was confounded by Dennis on a daily basis.

Free spirited and fun loving, Dennis didn't think past his nose and never considered consequences. Mr. Wilson probably brought on Dennis's bad behavior because he expected things to go wrong. Sure enough they did.

Shout Factory
4 Seasons, 146 Episodes - Canceled
June 12, 1960
Family, Comedy
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Dennis the Menace Full Episode Guide

  • When Mr. Wilson's Aunt Emma pays him a visit, she takes an instant liking to Dennis, causing Mr. Wilson to fear that she will make Dennis her heir instead of him.

  • While Henry is out of town, Dennis tries to take his place and do everything his father would do.

  • Henry tells Dennis to get rid of his massive comic book collection, so he decides to sell them.

  • Mr. Wilson and Mrs. Elkins each run for president of the Birdwatchers Society.

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