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Series Length:3 Seasons, 57 Episodes
Network: O2 Media

See how to do step-by-step home improvements and do-it-yourself projects on Designing Spaces. Watch as they travel across the country redefining and redesigning spaces, showing you how as they go.

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  • Designing Spaces host Debi Marie is at the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center in Boca Raton Florida to present three topics for greener living. Topics covered: energy efficient windows, digital HVAC controls and recycling.

  • Debi Marie and David Jones present a special edition of Kid Spaces: lending a hand to Kids In Distress, an organization that works towards providing shelter for young victims of abuse and neglect.

  • Designing Spaces Hosts Debi Marie and David Jones introduce three stories covering Kid Spaces topics of safety and self-esteem. Auto maintenance for safety, on-line safety and sportsmanship are covered.

  • Host Ted Brunson introduces three topics contributing to living a more eco friendly lifestyle in this edition of Think Green. Topics include flooring, house cleaning, and recycling plastics.

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