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Designing Spaces is a home improvement reality series that focuses on the various aspects of home design. Indoors or outdoors the series aims to exposure viewers to new technology and current techniques to improve the look or function of any given space. From simple quick changes to involved renovations, the series inspires with a realistic look at what actually goes into a task that seems simple on the surface. More than a simple remodeling show, the series takes things to total completion and even brings color coordinating finishing touches to light regardless of the current skill level of the homeowner.

O2 Media
4 Seasons, 58 Episodes
Home & Garden, Reality
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Designing Spaces Full Episode Guide

  • Designing Spaces is the signature women-focused home improvement show that travels all over the country remodeling, the spaces we call home. In this Episode Designing Space Host Debi Marie introduces three topics for anyone looking to purchase a home, and give that new home a personal touch both inside and out.

  • Designing Spaces host Debi Marie is at the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center in Boca Raton Florida to present three topics for greener living. Topics covered: energy efficient windows, digital HVAC controls and recycling.

  • Debi Marie and David Jones present a special edition of Kid Spaces: lending a hand to Kids In Distress, an organization that works towards providing shelter for young victims of abuse and neglect.

  • Designing Spaces Hosts Debi Marie and David Jones introduce three stories covering Kid Spaces topics of safety and self-esteem. Auto maintenance for safety, on-line safety and sportsmanship are covered.

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