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Despierta América (trans. “Wake Up, America!”) is a Spanish language morning talk show aimed at Spanish-speaking Americans. The show is filmed in Miami, FL but the cast comes from diverse backgrounds. Despierta América has a large cast of hosts with various specialties. It is common for celebrities of the Spanish-speaking world to temporarily fill in as hosts when any of the regular cast takes time off.

The hosts present various segments such as celebrity and special interest interviews, celebrity gossip, current affairs, news, weather, and more. These segments are peppered with off the wall humor and silliness.

A regular segment called “échate pa’ acá” (trans. “Come here”), focuses specifically on Spanish-speaking entertainers and celebrities. This segment proved popular with viewers and influenced similar versions on rival shows.

Daily 7:00 AM ET/PT on Univision
4 Seasons, 307 Episodes - Currently Airing
April 14, 1997
Despierta América
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