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Nat Geo WILD climbs bamboo stalks with giant pandas in China, monkeys around with apes in Tanzania, takes a dip with hippos in Africa, stomps with elephants in Namibia and hops around with kangaroos in Australia. Destination Wild Sunday nights has something for everyone in the family, offering an adventure of a lifetime every week! Viewers will travel to the four corners of the earth and back, experiencing wildlife in its natural habitat from locations around the world that are sure to bring wow moments to every home. (Source: NAT GEO WILD)

Sunday 8:00 PM et/pt on NAT GEO WILD
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  • Eight million years ago, cats ventured into the Americas for the first time. To conquer this vast new super continent, they split into three new dynasties â€" one conquering the snow, one the jungles and one the plains. Patrick begins his American adventure in the tangled jungles of Central America, where he meets the OCELOT dynasty.

  • By 8 million years ago, the cat family had conquered Asia and Africa, but next, it would venture in a new world: the Americas. Here, they would evolve thick coats to withstand the snowy poles and long limbs to access the jungle canopies. In order to conquer the plains, one cat would go on to become the fastest land animal on the planet.

  • The isolated continent of Antarctica is the most cold and dry land on earth. Take a close look at the animals of the Antarctic, their amazing adaptation and survival in such a harsh climate.

  • Disneynature's feature film Oceans takes a deep look into the mysterious sea and the creatures who live there. Pierce Brosnan is the narrator.

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