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Love wild vacations, out of the way places and daring adventures? Destination Wild, a 30 minutes travel show hosted by Courtney Hansen, is waiting for you. This one of a kind travel adventure show follows the host as she visits various exotic and unique vacation destinations. What good is a boring vacation, when nonstop adventure awaits in one of many locations, including Park City, Utah or Yellowstone, Montana?

Destination Wild is not for the laid back traveler. This show caters to those who love constant action. Whether dog sledding, heli-skiing or surfing the waves, host Courtney Hansen and her expert guides show what it takes to have a wild adventure in these great destinations.

FOX Sports
1 Season, 36 Episodes
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Destination Wild Full Episode Guide

  • Discover the truth about a purported 1,000-pound feral hog the size of a pick-up truck discovered in southern Georgia.

  • In 1998, hundreds of California sea lions begin suffering severe seizures. The reason for their distress is a mystery. This film investigates the culprit for this abnormal behavior.

  • Hundreds of alligators are found belly-up in Lake Griffin, home to one of Florida's most prolific gator populations.

  • Meet alpha male baboon, Boro, and follow his daily struggle to maintain authority and protect his kids amongst the forested islands and wildlife-rich floodplains of Botswana.

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