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Nat Geo WILD climbs bamboo stalks with giant pandas in China, monkeys around with apes in Tanzania, takes a dip with hippos in Africa, stomps with elephants in Namibia and hops around with kangaroos in Australia. Destination Wild Sunday nights has something for everyone in the family, offering an adventure of a lifetime every week! Viewers will travel to the four corners of the earth and back, experiencing wildlife in its natural habitat from locations around the world that are sure to bring “wow” moments to every home. (Source: NAT GEO WILD)

Sunday 8:00 PM et/pt on NAT GEO WILD
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Destination Wild
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  • The Boteti River habitat has been hit hard by drought. Zebra contest for water while elephants try to conserve it. Rain has finally come. The Boteti is back to fabulous and the animals are basking in it's glory.

  • Eagles are dramatic predators that have inspired myths and legends for millennia. Though at the top of their food chain, they battle for survival and work tirelessly to raise their young.

  • A snake family rules reptilian streets with impressive firepower and a fearsome reputation. Equipped with an array of deadly weapons and a bad attitude, the cobra family instills fear and chaos throughout the wilds of Africa and Asia.

  • Discover the truth about a purported 1,000-pound feral hog the size of a pick-up truck discovered in southern Georgia.

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