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Detroit 1-8-7 is a crime drama that focuses on a homicide investigation unit of the Detroit Police Department. 1-8-7 is a slang term for murder. The series focuses on the crimes that the police investigate as well as their own individual dramas in their personal lives. Detective Fitch is the leader of the homicide squad. He was a big-city detective in the NYPD when the mafia began to threaten his family. To protect their lives he moved to Detroit. Detective Fitch is very mysterious when it comes to discussions of his past. He does not open up easily.

Detective Sanchez is the newbie in the unit. She has only been on the force for two years. Detective Washington is another popular man on the force. He is nearly killed on his first day on the job when a suspect shoots him. Detective Finch says his life by killing his assailant. Detective Mahajan is the bachelor playboy of the group. He loves the single life but his family back in India have begun to arrange a marriage for him which has him worried. Detective Longford is the cop with the most experience. He has over thirty years on the Detroit Police force. His goal in life is to retire and move to Italy but he seems to be addicted to police work and keeps pushing off his retirement.

All of the cops experience tough days on the job and challenging days at home. One cop is dealing with an on-again, off-again girlfriend who is drug addict. She ends up shooting and killing him. There are also drug dealers that turn informants and begin to work with the police to keep themselves out of jail. The cops are also supported by department psychiatrists who help them handle the criminal mind. They also work closely with district attorneys to bring the murderers to justice.

1 Season, 19 Episodes - Canceled
September 21, 2010
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  • Fitch investigates the murder of an entire family.

  • Longford and Mahajan investigate the murder of a graffiti artist; Fitch's ex-wife visits and leaves Bobby with him for a planned visit.

  • Lt. Mason assigns the entire force to investigate the case of a murdered college student.

  • Longford and Mahajan investigate the death of a prominent drag queen and attempt to sort through admirers and jealous rivals. In a different case, an ex-con confesses to killing rival gang members in self defense. Fitch and Washington are suspicious the shooter is hiding something.

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