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Digimon Adventure 02, also known as Digimon Zero Two, is a sequel to the first Digimon series. The second story line begins three years after the events of the original Digimon series. This time the digital world is thought to be safe and thriving once again and many of the original characters are focusing on junior high school. Although they soon found out that a new evil has become a threat to the digital world. This time it takes the form of the digital emperor who is unlike the other digital villains, as he also has a human form, like the DigiDestined.

By using the Control Spires, along with the Black Rings, the Digimon Emperor has been enslaving the Digimon and has made the normal form of Digivolution harder to achieve. In Digimon Adventure 02, Daisuke "Davis" Motomiya, Miyako "Yolei" Inoue, and Iori "Cody" Hida are the three new Digidestined members who battle against the Digimon Emperor. The series follows the new Digidestined members, along with the original members, T.K., Kari and Ken, stepping in to help out when they can.

The opening theme to Digimon Adventures 02 T?getto ~Akai Sh?geki(Target Target Red Impact) by K?ji Wada. The ending theme song is Tomorrow Is When My Wind Blows(Ashita wa Atashi no Kaze ga Fuku) and Itsumo Itsudemo(Always at Any Time) by Ai Maeda or AiM.

Fuji TV broadcast 50 episodes of Digimon Adventure 02 in Japan from April 2, 2000 to March 25, 2001. It was then shown on the Fox Kids network in the United States and Canadian English-language channel, YTV, in Canada, on August 19, 2000 to May 19, 2001. The Funimation website is now showing the subbed Japanese episodes in their uncut form.

Toei Animation
3 Seasons, 85 Episodes - Canceled
August 12, 2000
Anime, Children
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Digimon Adventure 02 Full Episode Guide

  • Daisuke and his friends have turned their powerful desires into energy and have MaloMyotismon on the ropes. But MaloMyotismon flees through the Distortion to find refuge in the once-sealed DigiWorld. MaloMyotismon revives himself by feeding on The Dark Power , and now covers the real world and the DigiWorld with darkness to make himself king of both. Although our heroes desperately resist him, he is far much too powerful for them. Taichi and old DigiDestined in the real world try to support their juniors partners, but the gate to the DigiWorld won't open for them. Will the world fall into MaloMyotismon's hands? The children give up all hope, except for Daisuke. His passionate words pull softly at the strings of the children's hearts. When the children of the world wish for the same thing together, a most wonderful miracle takes place in the DigiWorld. "Thanks for believing in us, everyone!"

  • At last, the final enemy, MaloMyotismon, has appeared. The kids freeze with terror before his cruelty and overwhelming strength. Only Daisuke dares to stand face to face with MalMyotismon. Thought the situation seems hopeless, Daisuke believes in himself and Ex-Veemon and fights on. His belief makes Ex-Veemon stronger, until finally Ex-Veemon's attacks begin to damage MaloMyotismon. But just as Malomyotismon is about to be defeated, he suddenly attacks the kids with a dazzling light. Enveloped in the light, all of the children lose consciousness. When they come to, they each find themselves in the world they had been wishing for. These dream worlds tempt the children subtly. Will they abandon their courage to fight? In this critical moment, Daisuke's zeal brings about a miracle. "There's only one thing I want in life right now, MaloMyotismon! And that's to destroy you!"

  • After a fierce battle, BlackWarGreymon leaves, with Agumon's words lingering in his mind. Meanwhile, Miyako and her friends were on the verge of getting Oikawa, but lose him in a crowd. Oikawa was the only clue for how to remove the Seeds of Darkness, and now that he's been lost, Ken and his friends try to persuade the victims again. However, the children have become addicted to the seed's bewitching powers, and coldly refuse to listen. Finally, in front of Ken and friends, the Seeds of Darkness begin to sprout. Oikawa gains The Dark Power by sucking energy from the dark flowers. What wish was he truly trying to fulfill with the help of this power? Oikawa's secret past is revealed. "I've got to gather every flower of darkness. That's how I can make my wish come true."

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