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On the "Dina's Party" television program the preparation for elaborate social functions and event planning is shown in-depth. The show is very popular and is hosted by well-known socialite and reality show star Dina Manzo. Each episode of "Dina's Party" shows how Dina and the staff members of her event planning company prepare for special occasion events. Dina and her staff regularly plan and carry out well-orchestrated events in their clients' homes and at other locations.

Lots of behind the scenes on-location shots of the set-up and transformation of the various spaces where events are held are shown on this program. Whether it's a wedding reception, baby shower, anniversary party or rehearsal dinner Dina and her crew work hard at consistently presenting top notch events.

A lively atmosphere of teamwork in action is featured on every episode of"Dina's Party" and there are plenty of humorous moments. The viewer can learn about different types of skill appplications and design implementation by watching this show. From hammering nails and hanging sheetrock to painting walls and installing new furniture and lighting there is always something to learn on "Dina's Party".

In one episode of this show Dina and her crew create a reenactment of a New Jersey couple's wedding ceremony that was held in San Francisco. The event planning company creates a replication of the San Francisco location in the couple's backyard.

On another episode of "Dina's Party" Dina and her staff create a Las Vegas-themed birthday party for a married middle-aged man. They install crystal curtains and a temporary blown glass ceiling then bring in real slot machines and gambling tables. They also install beach-style cabanas in the couple's backyard.

Dina and her design staff transform a house into a vintage Hollywood-style nightclub complete with banana trees on one episode and create a vintage miniature ballroom and cocktail lounge in another home on another episode.

Saturday 7:30 PM et/pt on HGTV
2 Seasons, 24 Episodes - Currently Airing
August 15, 2011
Family, Home & Garden, How To
Dina's Party
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  • Jaimie and Steve are getting married and it's the second time around for them both. Like the Brady Bunch, they are merging their families, so she's moved in his home with her children.

  • Dina Manzo designs a family room and throws a Polish-style family reunion to celebrate the new space.

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